Mario Party 4 Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title screen
The main menu
Choose a gameboard
The location of the first star!
Donkey Kong rolls the dice...
Instructions for a mini game
Avoid being squashed by the book!
Hmmm, which way to go?
A three against one mini game
A Bowser game called "Fruits of Doom"
Luigi after a mega mushroom
Shoot the balloons in this mini game
Mario has won a star!
The genie of the lamp will bring your character to the next star
Luigi at the roulette wheel
Scoop up fish in this two against two mini game
Yoshi rides the mystery train
Para sailing in a mini game
Take a chance in the lottery?
The tree stomp mini game
Fulfill toads food order in this mini game
A special field event only for people who have used mini-mushrooms.
A different view of the genie
Wario triumphant