Mario Party 5 Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title screen
The main menu: choose a game option
Choose your characters!
Beginning the Rainbow Dream game board
Here's the location of the next star
Want to use the capsule machine?
Toad moving along the game board
Mini game instructions
A mini game: which plant dances differently from the rest?
Battle each other for crystals in this mini game
Mini game results
Donkey Kong has appeared!
Mario crossing a rainbow bridge
Fishing in a mini game
It's a Bowser mini game!!
A Bowser mini game
Climb the vine and collect bananas!
Trading places with another player
Which way do you want to go?
Peach wins the star!
Skating in a mini game
Luigi is transported to a new location
Match up the symbols in this mini game
Oh no, Bowser doesn't have enough coins to buy the star!