Mario Party 7 Screenshots (GameCube)

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Introduction: Mario and friends!
Introduction: Bowser is upset as always!
Title screen
The main menu; select a game mode.
Select a game board.
Select a character.
Here's the location of the first star.
The game board; what way should Yoshi go here?
Minigame; Mario and Yoshi need to get through this moving maze.
You can practice each minigame before playing for real.
A Bowser minigame; avoid the flames!
Minigame; don't get caught by the monkeys!
Uh oh, Wario is about to ride a rocket to somewhere random on the gameboard.
Win at DK minigames for prizes!
Instructions for a minigame
Jump into these warp pipes to find your way to the center of the maze.
Rolling the dice block.
Minigame; ground-pound blocks to change them to your teams color.
Wario has found a star!
Princess Peach running along the game board.
Bowser minigame; climb the fence, but avoid the flames!
Jump over the electric sparks to avoid being thrown out of the arena.
Yoshi collects coins in a bonus game.
First one to climb to the top wins!
Visit an orb shop to buy items.
Catch the falling honey drops!
A one against three minigame.
I got an orb!
Earn three coins for landing on a blue space (or lose three for landing on a red space).
Sorting fruit in an eight player minigame.
Punch the buttons as they light up, but avoid electric shocks!
Flying through the air, attempting to collect points.
Stop the dice to earn coins.
Boo and Yoshi run through an obstacle course.
Team minigame; don't crash into flowers!
Daisy found a bonus game, shoot the targets!
When the Bowser icon is entirely red, it will be time for a Bowser game.
The Koopa Kids like to cause trouble.
Fix these leaking pipes!
Visit this shop to unlock items or view other bonuses that have been earned.