Advertising Blurbs - GameCube:
    Developed by N-Space, Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Licensed to Drive tasks players with helping earn Mary-Kate and Ashley the sweetest birthday bash ever. Players drive through town completing jobs for their friends and family to save up for a grooo-vy party that includes a Hollywood movie premiere.

    In keeping with the teen theme, you navigate the two boards -- Mountains and Beach -- in a glamorous convertible. Each board starts out with the world's most famous twins rejoicing over their new driver's licenses, and asking two friends to help them gather stuff and invite friends for a big bash that evening.

    Graphics are bold and simple. Not realistic by any means, they succeed marvelously at being very cheerful.

    You can tune your radio to pop stars Brad Martin, 6X, Danielle Howle and the Tantrums, Jeff Coffey, Incredible Moses Leroy, Elisa Cariera, The Tapertops and Joy Williams. As you proceed in the game, you can unlock more tunes. There's even music from Mary-Kate and Ashley's latest movie, Getting There.

    Eventually, you can customize your car and unlock glam clothes.

    Play is for one to four players, separately or in teams. The minigames include:

    Freeway Frenzy. Carefully maneuver your glamorous convertible to the off-ramp from a busy Southern California freeway.
    Sailboard Slalom. Steer with the Control Stick. Snare keys to increase your score.
    Xtreme Climb. Hit the climbing rock at the local sports club, grabbing gems on your way to the top. For two players.
    Lagoon Sprint. Ten laps in a personal watercraft on a very short course.
    Travel Trivia. We're not sure how Mary-Kate ever copped that driver's license, since she believes that blue is a color found in a traffic light.
    Beach Blast. Ten laps in an ATV on a very short beach course. Time your turbo boosts carefully.
    Tag, You're It! Four-year-olds know how to play this game, so we won't rehash the rules. The hunk jumping in the nearby pool is pretty impressive, though.

    While you can seize control of the radio, the camera is out of your hands. Tracking all competitors on some of the four-player races can be tricky.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65892) on Sep 16, 2006.

Back of Case - PS2 (US):
    Get ready for the sweetest birthday bash ever!

    Mary-Kate and Ashley are licensed to drive and ready to hit the road. Hop in and drive into excitement with over 30 PARTY-style minigames!


    Earn your license, customize your car and unlock cool clothes and tunes!

    Race cars, jetskis, ATVs and more!

    Over 30 exciting mini-games like Caught Up in Fashion, Birthday Blowout and Bubble Trouble.

    What's a party without your friends? This game is fun for 4!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69531) on Sep 16, 2006.