Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Main Title
Main Menu
Mission selection (you can play any mission up to your campaign progress)
Pearl Harbor mission loading screen
Whoa, driver, watch that sinking ship, will ya
Locking on to japanese Zero
Incoming enemy fighters at 2 o'clock
Some fighters go their pre-defined flying route all the way, even if you blast them burning
No matter how fast you shoot or how many crafts you shot down, your fleet is doomed
When you see a squadron or Zeros, it's payback time, but when you see a swarm, you can only panic
Taking out enemy bombers before they drop their torpedoes and escape
Three enemy fighters are about to take on you and your comrades on the bridge down below (opening and ending mission cinematics all use ingame graphics)
Yes, it is possible to take down a plane with your trusty thompson machine gun
You don't know what means being a sitting duck to enemy fire until you find yourself running across the bridge
Depending on weapon at hand, your zooming ability will be better... or not
Face to face with a soldier of a Rising Sun empire, he who first pulls the trigger, wins
Providing backup to your fellow soldier who took command over enemy tank
Count your bullets well and reload before the shootout starts
Guadalcanal mission, but first we need to reach the shore
Looking through the sniper rifle scope
When out of bullets or too close, enemy soldiers will run at you with bayonets
Taking out the enemy airfield went well, but their artillery seems to be merciless
One down, a whole forest of them more to go
All happy when seizing the control of a machine-gun nest and shooting like crazy... until I realized it's my comrades I was shooting at (honest mistake, it's hard to tell with all those uniforms)
Here and there you will run into lost chaps like yourself who will then join you on your mission one way or another