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Meet the Robinsons (GameCube)

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There are a couple of faults, but when weighed up against the many positive aspects of Meet The Robinsons, they're just not a big deal. The game is a lot of fun, makes great use of the license, will definitely appeals to the children (although the aiming system will be a bit hard on them at first) and is even enjoyable for older gamers out there who want a light-hearted platform adventure with an enjoyable story, setting and concept - you should definitely Meet the Robinsons!
All in all Meet the Robinsons is a solid effort, lacks some of the overall polish of games with a higher budget and longer development time, but it fulfills its goal of tying the film world to an interactive medium; an exact definition to what we consider a “good” game.
All things considered, Disney's Meet the Robinsons should satisfy anyone who has the urge to explore the Robinsons' futuristic world. The game won't blow you away, but Wilbur's gadgets are fun to use. There's also plenty to do between gathering blueprints, playing minigames, and getting through the puzzles and bosses in the dungeonlike environments.
Common Sense Media
Despite these small annoyances, the game is fun to explore. The puzzles are well done and center on collecting items to build gadgets, which are then used as power-ups throughout the game. Parents may want to consider the Gamecube version rather than the Wii version -- it's much cheaper and can be played on the Wii with a Gamecube controller.
Since this is a kid's game, it's not terribly long or difficult. Even so, it's a pretty decent romp. The kiddies will enjoy seeing more Robinsons goofiness, and you won't mind picking up the controller to help them through the occasional tough part.