Mega Man: Anniversary Collection Credits

Atomic Planet Entertainment

Managing Director Darren Falcus
Development Director Jason Falcus
Finance Director Mark Hargreaves
PA to Director Sara White
Project Producer David Mowbray
Project Associate Producers Daniel Blackburn, Peter Hodbod
Programming Lead Glen Cook
Shell Programming Andrew Brown, Nick Cowen, Jonathan Stoller
General Programming Matthew Knowles, John May, James McKay, Jason Steel, Lance Abson, Naseer Ali
Technical Support & Assistance Duncan Chambers, Richard Frankish, Martin Fuller, Neil Holmes, Stuart Leonardi, Leslie Long
IT Support Tim Jennings
Art Manager David West
Art Lead Paul Robson
Art Andrew Glazebrook, Kevin Haigh, Jamie Alexander Smith, Graham Stewart, Andrew Stockton
QA Manager Barry Smith
Testers Kristian Anderson, Luke Arrowsmith, Ian Elliott, Evan Sladen, Ian Walker

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

Manual Robert Johnson, Hanshaw Ink & Image
Marketing Todd Thorson, Sean Mylett, Bonnie Scott Denoyer, Jack Symon, Laili S. Bosma, Robert Johnson, Nathan Williams, Rey Jimenez
Creative Services Jennifer Deauville
Package Design Michiko Morita Wang, Corey Tran
Public RelationsMelinda Mongelluzzo, Carrie Root, Arne Cual-Pedroso, Alicia Kim
Customer ServicePhilip Navidad

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (44003)