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Mega Man Network Transmission (GameCube)

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    Mega Man battles the mysterious Zero computer virus -- only on Nintendo GameCube!

    Capcom's hugely popular Mega Man debuts on the Nintendo GameCube in this action-packed "midquel" that takes place between Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2, both for the Game Boy Advance.

    Once again, Mega Man.EXE is the Personal information Terminal (PET) of a young boy named Lan. When Lan jacks into the ACDC Town network, he can send Mega Man.EXE to battle renegade viruses. This time, the evil nemesis is the mysterious Zero Virus. You'll need to glean vital info from Mega Man and others.

    Mega Man Network Transmission tweaks the chip-based battle system so popular in the two Battle Network games. By selecting and arranging silicon chips to use in battle, you can customize Mega Man's attacks. There are more than 100 different attacks in all. However, this game dumps the turn-based battles of the two GBA games for more straightforward action reminiscent of classic Mega Man games.

    New Jack City

    After jacking in, you can choose up to five chips to activate. You can swap between chips by pressing the L or R buttons. The action can get pretty hectic, but you can take a quick breather by pressing the X Button. In this Standby mode, you can swap chips and ponder the dangers of cyberspace.

    If you use all your chips, you must wait for a bar at the top of the screen to fill before you can activate another batch. This bar will fill more quickly if you defeat enemies. Your standard cannon will get you by in a pinch, but it is weak when compared to the power of chips.

    Chips available early in the game include V-Gunn, whose spreading barrage damages multiple foes, and the Mini Bomb, which you can lob at enemies that stand on platforms above or below. Support-type chips restore Mega Man's health.

    Given the value and variety of these chips, you will gladly go far out of your way to find new chips hidden deep within the digital universe. Mysterious diamonds hold data that is automatically analyzed when Mega Man approaches. The data includes new chips, pass codes to open doors and other vital information.


    Capcom took a risk by adopting a creative visual style for the Blue Bomber's Nintendo GameCube debut. Using solid outlines and a cel-shading technique, Mega Man and his enemies are given a distinct comic-book appearance that sets them off from the more highly detailed backgrounds.

    Backgrounds are in full 3D and display a wide array of themes. Some areas look like what you might imagine inside futuristic computers, including digital displays, circuitry and endless grids reminiscent of Tron. Other locations are more whimsical and include lush plant life, starry skies and even brightly colored ice cream cones.

    The fact that Mega Man exists in a digital universe is further emphasized by such details as e-mails from friends and enemy viruses. Back-up chips act as extra lives in case Mega Man is deleted by an enemy. Defeated viruses explode in a colorful swirl of ones and zeroes.

    Since debuting on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, more than 20 million Mega Man games have been sold in the United States, Japan (where he is known as Rockman) and elsewhere.

    Mega Man Network Transmission looks to extend that great legacy. Returning to the classic side-scrolling roots will please long-time fans, and the battle chips are a fun new twist on the Mega Man weapon system.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (57122) on Aug 06, 2005.

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    Mega Man and Battle Network pal Lan, are in trouble again. It's only been a month since the evil WWW terrorist's attempts to hijack an important military satellite was shut down. Now, cyberspace is about to be hit by an even more resilient virus, code-named "Zero".

    What is this new strain of virus that dares attack? Who is at the root of this new evil? It's up to you, Lan and Mega Man to terminate this seemingly unstoppable and decidedly relentless new enemy!

    Mega Man's first 3-D action/role-playing adventure for the Nintendo GameCube

    Collect battle chips, battle enemies, solve puzzles and uncover secret characters from the Mega Man universe

    Intricate story-line that ties-in to the whole Mega Man Battle Network series

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69662) on Aug 14, 2003.
    Mega Man and battle network pal, Lan, are in trouble again. It's only been a month since the evil WWW terrorist's attempts to hijack an important satellite was shut down. And yet, Cyberspace is about to be hit by an even more resilient, never-sen-before-now virus, code-named "Zero". What is this new strain of virus that dares attack? Who is the root of this new evil? It is up to you, Lan and Mega Man to terminate this seemingly impermeable and decidedly relentless new enemy!

    Contributed by Exodia85 (2157) on Jul 25, 2003.