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GameSpy (Jun 16, 2003)
For starters, Network Transmission is set in the alternate universe established in the GBA's Mega Man Battle Network, taking place between the first and second Battle Network games. The story is nothing out of the ordinary; the spunky Lan Hikari and his digital "Navi" MegaMan.exe are faced with another cyber-crisis precipitated by the mysterious Zero virus. Cookie-cutter pseudo-cyberlingo ahead? You bet. Does it matter? Not in the least, because Mega Man Network Transmission is a game that shines through its solid 2D gameplay.
GamerDad (Aug 10, 2003)
Graphics and sound are definitely not the best you'll ever see, but they do fit the setting perfectly. Mega Man is animated well as are many of the viruses and especially the bosses. Music is a throwback to the earlier 8 and 16-bit Mega Man games and that will be either a bonus or a grievance depending on your views of old video game music. Given this is Mega Man's 15th anniversary, the throwback design of this game in both action gameplay as well as presentation is a welcome sight. When combined with the cool chip system, it offers something new in action platform gaming.
GameZone (Jun 27, 2003)
Mega Man Network Transmission is a mix of an RPG and an action game. Unlike previous Mega Man games, Mega Man will actually grow and learn new and more powerful moves. Also another major difference is that most of his weapons are gained from chips, which have a limited use, so players will have to be strategic not to use their most powerful weapons early on in each level. Another restraint is players can only have five chips at any given time, so they will have to be extremely resourceful when using them.
Game Freaks 365 (Jul, 2003)
The Target clearance I got this game during is likely over, but this game can probably be found under $20 used at gaming stores. It is certainly worth that much for Mega Man fans who have been hesitant to get the game, and for anybody else who enjoys good old fashioned 2D action shooters. I would certainly recommend this game at its current price to just about anybody who isn't thrown off by the fact that it is a 2D game.
(PAL version)
Schade, schade! Mega Man Network Transmission hätte ein richtiger Retro-Kracher werden können, aber das verkorkste Waffensystem funktioniert einfach vorn und hinten nicht. Mega Man-Freaks, die der englischen Sprache mächtig sind, sollten sich das Spiel aber trotzdem mal ansehen.
Leider präsentiert sich das Spiel über weite Strecken recht eintönig. Freunde des Hüpfens und Rennens dürfen durchaus einen Blick riskieren.
GamePro (US) (Jun 16, 2003)
Mega Man Network Transmission tries to combine the RPG universe of the Mega Man Battle Network GBA games with the traditional 2D side-scrolling stuff that made the Man what he is today. If you’re not familiar with the GBA titles, the star of the show is Mega Man.EXE, an anthropomorphic algorithm dwelling within the Internet; his liaison in the “real world” is a kid named Lan, who goes to school, does homework, visits the zoo, and occasionally tries to rid the world of malicious computer viruses.
N-Zone (Aug 26, 2003)
Vor allem das träge Gameplay verwehrt dem Spiel eine höhere Wertung. Außerdem kränkelt es an einem zu unausgefeilten Waffensystem. Wer sich nicht gerade als beinharter Fan bezeichnen kann, wird mit diesem Spiel sicherlich weniger glücklich werden.
GameSpot (Jun 16, 2003)
Capcom's Mega Man has done a lot of things throughout his 15-year gaming career. While he started out as, and largely continues to be, a side-scrolling robot buster, he's branched out into soccer and kart racing, he's gone 3D, he's been revived in 2D, and, in the Mega Man Battle Network series, he even went to cyberspace. The Battle Network series takes Mega Man and turns him into the cyberspace avatar of a young boy named Lan, and it tosses out the classic side-scrolling combat in favor of something a little more strategic. Now Capcom and Arika are taking the Battle Network concept and turning it back into a side-scroller with Mega Man Network Transmission. While some basic ideas from Mega Man new and old remain intact here, and at times the game can be pretty cool, it also has its share of flaws that prevent the game from being totally recommendable.
IGN (Jun 16, 2003)
Mega Man Network Transmission is a fun, but flawed 2D action-platformer. The control is tight (though I wish Mega Man could run a little faster), and the whole idea of the 'battle chip' system for weapon upgrades and abilities intrigued me. But I found some of the levels, particularly during boss fights, to be difficult to the point of becoming tedious, and that's never a good thing. Meanwhile, I was entirely unmoved by the graphic and audio portions of the game, both of which are dated when compared to just about anything else out on the market.
Network Transmission borrows elements from Mega Man’s most accomplished adventures and combines them to forge an inclusive and unique gameplay package. The expansive chip system from Battle Network is in full effect, but the gameplay itself harks back to the series’ more traditional side-scrolling roots. It’s an attractive amalgamation that generates a wealth of interesting gameplay elements.
Nintendo Difference (Aug 09, 2003)
Dépenser de l’argent dans ce jeu me semble difficile pour les fans de la première heure. A la limite l’acheter d’occasion... Enfin bref le jeu n’est pas terrible, vous l’aurez remarqué.
60 (UK) (Jul 28, 2003)
'Tis a pity, because with the exception of equally samey Resident Evil titles, Capcom's Cube output has been fairly refreshing so far. P.N.03 and Viewtiful Joe in particular are some of their better concepts, and neither was afraid of doing adventurous things with old-school ideas. The bossmen behind Network Transmission, however, are clearly frightened that at this stage in the series life, Mega Man fans will only go for one thing: jump, shoot, boss, repeated ad infinitum. Whether that's true or not is up to you to decide, but these days we're decidedly nonplussed.
Game Revolution (Jul, 2003)
Mega Man Network Transmission's gameplay is simply not as strong as either of the two original parent entities on their own. It's as if the balanced half-action, half-RPG formula of the Network Series was just tossed into the classic Mega Man action mold, creating an unbalanced partial-RPG with a merely satisfactory mix of action. While there are some good action bits that do justice to Mega Man's long history, Network Transmission is not among the best of the series. Still, those of you who have followed Mega Man through his 15 years of gaming may find enough fond memories here to warrant a go.
Netjak (Jul 07, 2003)
Sadly, though, Mega Man Network transmission is going to appeal to a small audience - namely, people who enjoy both the original Mega Man games and the Battle Network games for the Game Boy Advance. Granted, I'm one of those folks, so I've been quite pleased with the game. In the end, though, most of the game is made as a gift for those fans. Anyone who isn't both types of fan will miss out quite a bit on the game. So while only hardcore fans of the Blue bomber will want to own this game, the casual fan may enjoy it as a rental, but someone who ordinarily doesn't bother with other iterations of Mega Man will just be left out in the cold.
55 (Jul 02, 2003)
Pour sa première incursion sur GameCube, Megaman Network Transmission propose une approche discutable qui ne favorise pas vraiment le plaisir de jeu. Les inconditionnels de la série risquent d'être franchement déçus par cet opus qui ne restitue aucune des sensations connues sur les autres volets consoles.
50 (Jul 30, 2003)
Cet opus nous aura au moins révélé la perte de vitesse du Cel Shading qui impressionne de moins en moins. Le mélange 2D/3D offre des graphismes franchement moyens qui pourront sans doute attirer les nostalgiques des consoles 16 bits. Les phases de tirs sont assez peu exploitées malgré la quête de nouveaux pouvoirs qui peut vous tenir en haleine un certain temps. Le coup de boutoir est sans conteste l´absence de sous-titres français qui rebutera les plus jeunes. Le roi Mario n´est pas prêt d´être renversé.
Efter att ha harvat med Battle Network är det ett välkommet återvändande till gamla härliga 2D-miljöer. Och visst bjuder Network Transmission på ett par roliga idéer som gör att det håller ett tag. Men det faller ändå på tråkig bandesign, ojämn svårighetsgrad och taffligt ljud och utseende. Det är helt enkelt inte tillräckligt roligt, så mitt råd är att vänta på Mega Man X7 i stället.