Mega Man Network Transmission Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title screen
Mega Man faces the Life Virus from Battle Network
Lan and Mega Man destroy the Life Virus
Lan's room - this is where all the real world action takes place
You can access various options from the main menu
Select your jack-in point using this map
You can purchase battle chips from Higsby's store
Mega Man versus a Mettaur
Mega Man fires his buster at a cannon virus
A security cube blocks Mega Man's path
These bunny viruses can briefly paralyze Mega Man
The Chip Select menu will appear if you press Z when your custom gauge is full
The red coins here are Zenny, the game's currency
Mega Man can slide along the rails here, or jump off them
Destroying viruses will sometimes yield energy
Just like in other Mega Man platform games, spikes are instant death
FireMan is causing trouble in a different part of the net
Time to stop FireMan!
Mega Man fails to dodge the Mettaur's shockwave
This level has some nice looking effects
Like the classic Mega Man games, you can shoot while on ladders
Sometimes enemies will drop battle chips!
Watch out for the fire that this virus shoots
Watch out for the flames here!
Mega Man transports to a boss battle against FireMan
FireMan, ever the comedian
FireMan shoots a powerful stream of fire which is hard to dodge
Sending a shockwave back towards FireMan
Oops - Mega Man gets deleted
Game over!