Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Main Title
Briefing room.
Getting acquainted with Snake's previous operations.
Setting up the options.
Opening credits appear as you infiltrate enemy complex
Hiding unconscious soldier in the locker.
Sneaking around the patrols.
Main Title (ingame)
Taking the elevator up
They have a Hind here, better try and sneak past the patrols
Snake talking to Mei Ling.
With all the lightposts reflecting upon the helipad it's better to find a way around it.
Most of the times, when you shake a body of an enemy guard, he leaves you some items.
Scouting the area in first-person view.
Snake holding a C4 trigger, ready to squeeze.
Looking at C4 explosion in first-person view mode.
A very first boss battle is with Revolver Ocelot.
Cyborg Ninja cutting all the C4 wires quickly enough not to kill anyone, but to cause a big bang alright.
Looking through the Cyborg Ninja's eyes.
Snake and Cyborg Ninja seem equally skilled in combat.
The mess Ninja left will be a challenge to clean.
Following the blood trail that Grey Fox left.
Meeting Dr. Hal Emmerich, Snake's future close friend and a partner
Mario's cameo in MGS
Looks like bullets can't harm the Ninja, guess hand-to-hand combat is the only option.
Snake would perhaps consider playing something on silver GameCube, but on purple... mmm.
Snapping the neck is easy if you approach unspotted from behind.
Hey hey Meryl girl, why are you so shy?
Meryl is gunned down by the enemy sniper
Using sniper is the only way to reach Sniper Wolf.
Soldiers are about to capture Snake
Wolf set her aim on a Snake.
Look, Wolfie girl, it's not I don't like you, but isn't falling for a prey a little over the line.
Checking Snake's muscles and showing cleavage at the same time
Wolves coming to pay respect to their fallen comrade
The death of Sniper Wolf.
It's rather cold in here, you'll freeze if you don't move
Boss battle against Vulcan Raven, viewport from the Nikita missile camera.
Grey Wolf, and old comrade of Snake, now fighting on the opposite side
When nothing can put a dent in a Metal Gear, an obvious weapon of choice is, yup, a sword
A jeep chase scene with Liquid
Fox... Die