Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Retro Studios presents...
Title screen
The main menu
Introduction: Samus approaches the planet Aether...
Introduction: Close up of Samus Aran
There are many vast locations to explore
Situation: extremely hostile!!
Use the morph ball to get through small spaces
Samus downloads some map data
Use the map to help find your way around
Fighting a large critter!
Located a save station
Restoring from a save station
Scan items to examine them closer
Dark Samus attacks!
Samus locates a weapons upgrade
Fighting a space pirate...
Using the scan visor to search...
When exploring Dark Aether, stay in the light or your energy rapidly depletes
Rolling through a morph ball contraption
The local wildlife is often dangerous!
Samus, now with the dark suit, as an elevator arrives at its destination
Under attack, and my weapon is reflecting right off of this enemy!
The multiplayer game screen
Use portals (like this one) to travel between dark and light Aether
Attacking a creature swimming in poisonous water
Using the dark visor to see invisible platforms
The Chykka is a tough opponent!
Space Pirates are guarding this bridge
Fighting the Ing!
Use the grappling hook to swing across chasms.
Unlocked a door!
Fighting a large mechanical creature.