Written by  :  Faith Schmitt (2)
Written on  :  Jun 27, 2004
Platform  :  GameCube

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Deadly Alliance, how do i hate you? Let me count the ways.

The Good

The best part about this game is that it's amusing because it's so easy to make fun of. Probably the funniest thing is the movie about the making of the game. The programmers really think the corniest things are cool.

The Bad

Where do I start? Well, the most obvious thing is the control. If you spent the money on a gamecube why would you want to use the d-pad rather than the joystick? The d-pad just doesn't work well on a 3D playing field. Another irritating thing is how, after the first round of a fight, the dead person just stands up and is fine. Meanwhile, all the blood he spilled in the past 30 seconds is lying on the ground but he's dancing around as fresh as a spring chicken. I would SO like to see one of the characters slip in his own blood while he dances. The CG movies are also pretty lamely done.

The Bottom Line

Extremely corny. I don't know whether the programmers planned this game to be funny because it was so bad or if they wanted it to be serious and just sucked at it. If you have friends who are into computer graphics this game is totally great to play because you can laugh til you cry. It's really very funny.