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GameZone (Apr 03, 2002)
I have never loved any football game as much as NFL Blitz, and I have never loved a Blitz game as much as Blitz 20-02. No GameCube owner should be without this game. It is very enjoyable, providing you and your friends with several hours of entertainment.
NFL Blitz 2002 ist schnell, druckvoll und auch ein bisschen brutal. Womit wir bei den Animationen wären. Zwar ist das Gewusel auf dem Rasen nicht immer ganz realistisch, sieht aber auf alle Fälle gut aus. Rasen und Stadien gehen auch in Ordnung, die Umgebung wirkt allerdings stellenweise etwas bewegungslos und menschenleer. Die beiden Kommentatoren haben ein paar nette Gags auf Lager über, die man nach ein paar Spielen aber auch nicht mehr lacht. Etwas kläglich sieht es mit der Langzeitmotivation aus, besonders für Solospieler. Der Umfang ist mit vier Spielmodi nicht sehr hoch und die Spieltiefe stößt nach einigen Matches an ihre Grenzen, Für mehrere Personen ist NFL Blitz 2002 ein prima Spiel für zwischendurch, aber für Einzelspieler bietet es einfach zu wenig.
GameSpot (Apr 01, 2002)
NFL Blitz 2002 is the best arcade-style football game on the home market.
IGN (Mar 26, 2002)
Overall, NFL Blitz 20-02 is a must-own for any fan of the original series. This is a huge upgrade in the graphics department, and the gameplay is solid as ever. It doesn't do much more than the original game, and is a little short on single player fun. For pure, arcade-style football action, there's nowhere else to be.
Electric Playground (Apr 02, 2002)
As a penny-pinching consumer, you know you shouldn't buy this. Still, it's damnably fun and addictive. Besides, only a complete jackass would miss the opportunity to see Blitz as it was truly meant to be. Weighed from a standalone viewpoint, yes, 20-02 is a standout game. Viewed alongside peers like NHL Hitz--plus its own venerable predecessors--a lot is left to be desired. We're all for bone crunching tackles and career-ending cheap shots, but hey... is a little innovation so much to ask for?
Midway surprised a lot of people with NHL Hitz 20-02, and the decision to inject their fast-action brand of sports titles into other venues is probably a wise one. As long as they are serious about making games with enough extras to make them worth purchasing, there will be few complaints. If they continue to slap a year on the packaging along with a few half-hearted features, as they did with this title, their audience is going to ignore them. Perhaps the real changes were in store for NFL Blitz 20-03, which debuted a mere six months after the release of this title.