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GameZone (Jan 11, 2005)
In the original game, I always picked the players with the best speed ratings. My QB couldn't pass much of anything, but that didn't matter because my passes were almost always intercepted anyway. It took speed and superb evasive skills to win before. Vol. 2 changes everything by making each element more balanced. Passing is no more important than running; tackling is no more important than intercepting, etc. That's how it needs to be. I wanted an NFL Street sequel that forced me to think and strategize in new ways. EA listened.
IGN (Dec 21, 2004)
NFL Street 2 follows the pattern of the Street games that have come before and the formula works again in my opinion. If you’re not playing this game with buddies regularly, then you’re not going to get half the fun out of it that you could be getting. The single player modes are great and I didn’t even mention the mini games like Crush the Carrier, that beloved childhood game that used to be known by another more colorful alliterative name before it became offensive in this era of Bravo Channel domination. If you’re used to buying football sims every summer looking for at least a roster update, then you’ll have no problem digging in those pockets for the second NFL Street game of 2004. You’re a football junkie so don’t fight it.
Game Over Online (Jan 11, 2005)
Although NFL Street 2 has managed to double the number of playable modes available for gamers, the large amount of recycled material and somewhat imbalanced or unnecessary tweaks make Street fail to live up to expectations. If you’ve never played the first title, this is a decent introduction to the series, but vets of the first could potentially rent this one to see if they’ll like the minor upgrades.
1UP (Dec 20, 2004)
There are too many wow! moments through the course of a game to not find this compelling. Longevity might be an issue, but add a multitap and some game-savvy friends and this one will keep casual gaming fans and NFL hardcorists busy until baseball's Opening Day.
82 (Feb 16, 2005)
Arcade Fans kommen bei NFL Street 2 voll auf ihre Kosten. Simulationsfans sollten bei diesem Titel dagegen lieber die Finger vom Gamepad lassen. NFL Street 2 ist ein reinrassiges Arcade Vergnügen, das im Detail verbessert wurde. Die Spiel-Action wurde kompromisslos auf Spaß und spektakuläre Szenen getrimmt - wer bereit ist, sich auf diese im positiven Sinne "oberflächliche" Interpretation des Sports einzulassen, ist mit NFL Street 2 sehr gut bedient.
N-Zone (Feb 10, 2005)
Das zweite NFL Street macht einen ausgewogeneren Eindruck als der Vorgänger und bietet dank vieler Spielmodi sowie freispielbarer Arenen und Teams auch eine ordentliche Langzeitmotivation. Leider geht es bei all der Action oft auch etwas chaotisch zu und in der Hitze des Gefechts wollen spektakuläre Tricks nicht immer so klappen, wie man sich das vorstellt. Für den Hit reicht es deswegen nicht ganz. Extrem spaßige und obendrein weitaus unkompliziertere Matches als bei den großen Football-Simulationen bekommt ihr aber allemal geboten.
Gaming Target (Apr 06, 2006)
Overall, NFL Street 2 is a decent second installment to the NFL Street franchise. I was surprised to realize that it came out less than a year after the original came out, so I feel that they could have developed it a bit more instead of rushing to get it on shelves for Christmas. Features like customizable touchdown celebrations (the Randy Moss, anyone?) would have been awesome. NFL Street 2 is certainly fun and the new features are great, but the lack of online play hurts the GameCube version quite a bit. Nevertheless, it’s a solid game, and since EA owns the rights to NFL games, there won't be any other over-the-top alternatives.
GameSpy (Jan 12, 2005)
Ultimately, NFL Street 2 is every bit better than the original, and in many shiny ways. The multiplayer is a blast, it looks great, the game modes are expanded exponentially over the first, and the game dances on the fine line of being fairly realistic without being too over-the-top crazy. We know the NFL will never shed its No Fun League image -- but this is a step forward for all those that prefer to high step their way into the end zone.
This series’ mixture of showboating flash and primetime play is an intoxicating combo that hides its simple premise as a pick-up-and play, multiplayer-on-the-couch game. This brand of football was defined in the original NFL Street perhaps a little too well. I say that because it’s sequel time and all NFL Street 2 can come up with on the field is one new move.
GameSpot (Dec 20, 2004)
Overall, NFL Street 2 is a good enough game, though barely anything has changed. It doesn't feel like it has been rushed, since it isn't buggy or broken in any way, but there's definitely a lack of proper maturation here that hinders the overall product. Unless you've never played the original NFL Street and you're intrigued by the concept, there's not really any singular, captivating reason why you should rush out to get NFL Street 2, as people who already played the original will be all too familiar with what the sequel presents. And, if you were one of those who played and enjoyed the original, you should probably rent Street 2 first, just to see if some of the few new things it offers really are enough to warrant a full-priced purchase.