NHL Hitz 20-02 Credits (GameCube)

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NHL Hitz 20-02 Credits


ProducerBrian Lowe
Associate ProducerJeremy Airey
Assistant ProducersDevin Shatsky, Darren J. Walker
Print Design & ProductionMidway Creative Services - San Diego, Ca.
Product Testing ManagerHans Lo
Test SupervisorSteve Kramer
Technical Standards AnalystsNico Bihary, Dave Lagat, Zak McClendon
Lead Product AnalystShon J. Flannagan
Product AnalystsJohn Bozeman, Nick Cardoza, Peter Charron, Ghyan Koehne, Brady Mercy, Richard Rucker
V.P. of MarketingHelene Sheeler
Director of Sports MarketingMichael Lustenberger
Product ManagerPhil Marineau
VP, Business AffairsDavid Greenspan
Director Public RelationsMarcelyn Ditter
Public Relations ManagerJay Boor
Midway FMV TeamMurphy Michaels, Aaron Carlson, David Menkes
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton, Robert Gustafson, Don Knapp, Melani Windham, Ben Ludlow, Paula Cook, Diane Barton, Midway Creative Media, Scott Stevens, John Hauser, Tom Taylor, J. R. Salazar, Joshua Hutchins, Linda M. Santiago, Dave McCarthy, Catherine Mary O'Brien, Richard Scott, Mike Ouellet, Horizon Media, Vision Workz, Chris Mowry, Mark Beaumont, Jon Mongelluzzo, Ramon Garcia, Manning Salvage & Lee, Thomas Tobey, Bobby Takai, Mark C. Graham, Troy Mobus, Mark Hughes, Mike Chiasson, Michael Burke, Mike Perrone, Husky Design, Bauer Nike Hockey, The Hockey Company, Tina Painton, Sandy Hatcher, Doris Lynch, Easton Sports, "Butcher Shine & Stern"


ProgrammersScott Bristow, David Catlin, Daniel Chitan, Spencer Craske, Jason Dorie, Chris Lippmann, Eric Randall
AnimatorsJason Carr, Jennifer Hamilton, Philip Tse
Texture ArtistsElizabeth Metzker, Emmanuel Soupidis
Front End ArtistsRyan Senger
Lead ModelerRob Oliveira
DesignerJason Carr
ProducerDouglas Tronsgard
AI ScriptingRed Higo
Fantasy StadiumsJon Adkins, Craig Hui
Additional Programmers Arn, Keith Hentschel, Dave Roberts, Jack Yee
Tools Arn, Jason Dorie, Philip Ibis, Martin Sikes, Stefan Q. Wessels
Movie PlayerJason Dorie
Sound ProgrammersSteven Brekelmans, Brian Green, Cliff Kondratiuk, Myriam Joire, Lawrence Sparling
Sound Editing/ProductionGraemme Brown, Rashid Hille, Andrew Hume, Stefan Oberg, Steve Reyea
Audio ScriptingHames Marshall
Music CompositionDan Fung, Brian Green
Boradcast VoiceTim Kitzrow
Additional VoicesBill Courage, Trevor Devall, Al Murdoch
Additional ArtistsDavid DeMorest, Wesley Holder, Robin Kahlen, Mike Olsen, Curt Randall
Quality AssuranceRed Higo, William Ho, Bryce Holliday, Hames Marshall, Brad Mercer, Jonathan Tobias Spangler, Matthew Tomporowski
Motion Capture TalentMike Butters, Tyler Harrison, Christian Lalonde, Duane Leer, Vincent Mazzela
House of MovesJarrod Phillips
Black BoxPaul Tremblay (CEO), Xenia Mul (Office Manager), Andrew Hume (Tech Monkey)

Additional Thanks

Additional ThanksKimberly Manns, Kennedy Goodkey (additional player chatter), Dane Mackinnon, Glen Dufrense, Prince George Multiplex, Prince George Cougars, David Pier, Everyone at Excellent Ice, Action Stunt Productions Inc., Vancouver International Protective Services, Mike Tucker, Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokan Chiefs, Paul Judy Dave Marty and Rich at the Sound Kitchen - Vancouver, Richard Carle (Midway Studios Chicago), Vincent Pontarelli (Midway Studios Chicago), Noise Generator in New York City, Nick "the Swami" Safaris, Scott "hockey9584" Kennedy, Mark "What the Puck?" Hiller, Leinad Rendrag, And Special Thanks to all of our loved ones who supported us through the production of this title.

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Credits for this game were contributed by James P. Wong (2450)