Pac-Man Vs. Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Connecting the GBA at the title screen.
Select how many points you want to aim for.
Good old classic map
Perhaps you're in the mood for something a little more dangerous?
Shadow, Inky, Pinky... and Green(‽) where's Clyde?
Pass the GBA.
Inky as Pac-Man leaves a blue trail.
The hunters become the hunted.
Fruit works wonders for ghost vision, green just ate some cherries.
Pink closes in while green losses the trail.
Shadow makes the catch.
Red won that round. Points are added and subtracted.
Pinky hides in from the insatiable pac-jaws in the only safe refuge.
Pac-Man has cleared the field, the game will continue until someone get the target score.
Red gets the target.
Manic Manor