Pikmin 2 Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Olimar Returns to Hocotate
Business is not good.
World Map
The ship monitors your progress.
Retrieve Pikmin from the Onion
Retrieve for more Pikmin
A Simple Obstacle
Sneak Up On Sleeping Enemies
Chop Down this Barrier
Cave Entrance
Caves are filled with Treasure and Monsters
Treasure Analysis
Descend to the Surface
Purple Pikmin are a new discovery.
A purple Pikmin can carry the equivalent of 10 normal Pikmin.
Frightening New Beasts
White Pikmin flowers are only found in caves.
Blue Pikmin are useful in water-filled areas.
Pikmin Snatched
I should have brought blues.
The monsters come out at night.