Written by  :  bowser724 (29)
Written on  :  Apr 03, 2004
Platform  :  GameCube

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A great title to start off your GameCube collection

The Good

This game has awesome graphics! They obviously knew the potential of GameCube even when they first released it and this game in 2001. The shadows, lighting, plants, grass, and everything are so lifelike! The gameplay is also very good. You play Captain Olimar, and he has landed on a poisonous planet and his only hope to survive are Pikmin. I liked how your crowd of Pikmin follows you around and get so excited. I also like the different colors of Pikmin and the different things they can do.

The Bad

It only gives you 30 days to complete the game, though. And each day is about 10 minutes long. That's 300 minutes. 5 hours. That's all you get. Sometimes the Pikmin get stuck behind walls and stop following you if you have a big group. Then the game complains at you for not getting your last few Pikmin into their ship, the Onion.

The Bottom Line

I would say buy this game if you like Shigeru Miyamoto's games, like the Mario games. This game can be compared to Warcraft in the sense that you command a huge battalion of little guys that are brainless and only do what you tell them. Buy it if you like cute games that are strategic war simulations. Enough said. Peace out.