Pikmin Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title Screen
That's not good...
The impact site
An Onion
A Pikmin
Pikmin can chop down flowers
Pikmin can push aside heavy objects.
A spaceship part!
Pikmin can demolish walls.
Pikmin battle fierce creatures.
Soon, you discover more types of Pikmin
Pikmin getting ready to fight a hopping frog
This large critter blows the flowers off of the Pikmin
Pikmin can drink the yellow nectar to grow into flower Pikmin
Red Pikmin are immune to fire
Pikmin can carry fallen enemies back to the onion to make more Pikmin
There is a summary screen at the end of each day
The space ship, pre-crash.
Notice the detail on the leaves.
The onion absorbs objects to create more Pikmin.
The spaceship absorbs the part.
The Pikmin are losing. Run away! Run away!
Bridge expansion project.
Don't stick around after dark!
Pick the next area to land in.
It takes a lot of Pikmin to move this thing!
Olimar Locates the Second Onion
The yellow guys carry bombs that take down tough walls.
Olimar wades in.