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Next Level Gaming (Dec 08, 2004)
Pinball Hall of Fame offers old-school pinball gamers a chance to relive the past and save a few coins in the process. The game clocks in at only $20. That really is not bad for a game like this. I used to enjoy pinball when I was a child. And going back to something like this really brought back memories. Pinball was cool a long time ago, but sadly the age of arcade cabinets pushed the pinball machines all the way to the back of the arcade. If you want to play a pinball machine now your best chances are to go into a smoky bar to find one. This game is not for everybody though. Some people may not be able to sit there and try to score points by trying to knock a silver ball around a bunch of obstacles. Pinball Hall of Fame looks good and it plays good, and at $20 you can’t really go wrong with such a title. It may give more pleasure to the older crowd the Halo-Heads out there. Check it out.
GameSpot (Jun 03, 2005)
Despite the fact that a new company has risen to release all-new pinball machines, by and large, the pinball industry collapsed, along with arcades, a few years back. While you can still find machines in some out-of-the-way locations, it's getting harder and harder to see a fully functional pinball machine in its natural habitat. Over the years, this has given rise to a variety of video-based pinball simulations that tried to accurately mimic the ball physics and general gameplay of the real deal. Some, such as Crave's recently released Pinball Hall of Fame, even attempt to emulate actual pinball machines. With eight tables from several different decades, and good gameplay to boot, Pinball Hall of Fame represents a nice budget-priced collection.
Technisch gibt es lediglich an der etwas dünnen Tilt-Funktion etwas zu rütteln. Sonst trocken und nüchtern designt, macht die Old-Skool-Highscorejagd trotz allem Spaß. Deswegen das Spiel aber einfliegen zu lassen, macht auch beim günstigen Preis keinen Sinn.
IGN (Nov 17, 2004)
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection offers a decent experience overall by providing seven classic boards. The physics feel a little wonky, mainly due to the ball's lack of weight, but it gets the job done in the end. The game also packs a history lesson through authentic game flyers and factoids, so those looking for a bit of nostalgia will find it. But is it worth spending 20 bucks over? That depends. If you’re a crippled pinball nut without real tables at home, then definitely go for it. Fans of virtual pinball will also find a lot to enjoy. Otherwise, The Gottlieb Collection is a rental at best.