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Advertising Blurbs

    More of an activity than a game, Pokémon Channel was a serious change of pace from the typical Pokémon games. It was also the first true Pokémon title on the GameCube system.

    Pokémon Channel isn't your typical Pokémon game; it's more of a virtual experience similar to Hey You, Pikachu! You've been hired by Professor Oak to be a test subject for his latest shows. With Pikachu's help, you watch TV and play minigames to grow closer to each other.

    Using the GameCube system's internal clock to keep track of the time, Professor Oak will add shows to the television lineup each day. Eventually you'll get the chance to watch the super-cute Pichu Bros. show.

    The most ardent players of Pokémon Channel even have the opportunity to snag the elusive Jirachi for their Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version games.

    Contributed by Michael Cassidy (20702) on Jul 05, 2015.


    Pokémon are taking over your TV!

    It's all Pokémon, all the time!

    Pokémon Channel is an innovative, unusual game that will fascinate both casual and earnest Poké-maniacs for hours!

    Surf channels with your pal Pikachu by your side as you interact with loads of Pokémon-style shows, including a never-before-seen DVD-quality animated feature starring the popular Pichu Bros. Identify Pokémon on Quiz Wobbuffet, exercise in Smoochum's Shape-up, get the latest news from Psyduck and Meowth on Pokémon News Flash, and much much more!


    • Explore and interact with many unique Pokémon-themed channels!
    • Decorate your room with cool stuff you buy on the Shop 'N Squirtle channel!
    • Be creative with Smeargle Paint! Freeze any TV scene as an outline, then paint with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Afterward, tune in to Smeargle's Art Study and have Smeargle critique your masterpiece!
    • Enhance your Smeargle Paint experience by scanning the included Pokémon Channel-e cards! (Requires Nintendo e-Reader, Game Boy Advance system and Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, sold separately.)
    • Turn off your TV and have fun in your yard, or grab a bus and explore beaches, mountains and woods. You'll meet many wild Pokémon and have great adventures!
    • Play virtual versions of Pokémon mini -- the handheld minigames that offer quick, fun Pokémon action!
    • Collect Nice Cards from wild Pokémon. Some of these cards even have the Pokémon's cry!

    Bottom Line

    Perfect for Pokémon fans, Pokémon Channel delivers hour after hour of charming fun!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Jul 17, 2005.

Back of Case:
    Professor Oak needs your help!

    Pokémon Channel is a TV-broadcasting network that airs a variety of Pokémon programs, and he's selected YOU as the initial test audience! With the help of Pikachu, and other Pokémon, you can make Pokémon Channel the highest rated channel on your TV!

    Watch Psyduck deliver the news while Meowth reports on-location. Pay close attention for hints on where to meet Pokémon.

    Featuring an all-new animation
    PichuBros. IN PARTY PANIC!
    exclusively for Pokémon Channel!

    Paint your favorite scenes and have them evaluated by Smeargle!

    Use purchase points to buy items for your room and make it more Pikachu friendly!

    Play with Pikachu outside and meet many different Pokémon!

    Pokémon mini
    Play a virtual version of Pokémon mini and select from a variety of mini game titles!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Jun 14, 2004.