Written by  :  Bob the Stickman (299)
Written on  :  Oct 30, 2010
Rating  :  2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars
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A very watered-down Pokemon game.

The Good

Finally, a console Pokemon game with a story not based on the TV series! Is it what we've been waiting for? Well... not really.

The gameplay seems mostly like the normal Pokemon games, so Pokemon fans won't have too much trouble figuring it out. This time, however, you have a goal deeper than "catching 'em all". You must find a special set of Pokemon turned evil by a... well, EVIL corporation! No, it isn't Team Rocket this time (I think).... EEEVILLLL!!!!!!

The graphics are good. Not great, but good. To be honest, the Pokemon animations look like Pokemon Stadium's animations only with a higher poly count or something. I can let this slide, though. As for the characters, they aren't bad. Some just look plain goofy, though. You know. Bo-bo-bobo-bo's long lost Pokemon addicted brother twice removed and just came back from the 70's. Yeah. That guy.

The music isn't too terrible either. Not nearly at great as other installment's music, though. But, what can you do?

By now, your probably wondering why the title of this review says it's "watered-down". Sounds normal so far, right? Well, this game suffers from one itsy-bitsy tiny problem...

The Bad


I'm not kidding! A Pokemon game that limits the Pokemon you can catch. What kind of bull is that?!?!

Well, remember when I said you had to catch EVIL Pokemon? Yeaaah... that's the ONLY Pokemon you can catch. No wild Pokemon. Nothing besides EVILLL Pokemon. I can understand other people's Pokemon can't be caught, but NO WILD ONES? How hard is it to make a console Pokemon?

On a minor note, it just gets boring after a while to me since YOU CAN ONLY CATCH 40 SOMETHING POKEMON! Also, in the Quick Battle thing, you STILL can't choose your own Pokemon. What the hell?

The Bottom Line

This is NOT how Pokemon should be enjoyed! If you want a more enjoyable Pokemon game for the console, buy Pokemon Puzzle League or Pokemon Stadium or even Hey You, Pikachu! All three of those games are far more enjoyable than this!