Written by  :  Iced Earth (11)
Written on  :  Sep 01, 2004
Platform  :  GameCube
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The King Of The Survival Horror Genre Returns Even Better Than Before

The Good

the graphics are amazing to look at if the graphics were a woman they would be SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR thats how good they look.

the amount of detail that`s gone into the background scenery is just top class the best looking game out there so far.

i`ve read that some find pre-rendered graphics not too good well if capcom listened to them we`d have sh*tty games looking like MGS2 WHICH IS ARSE COMPLETE ARSE INFACT.

pre-rendered makes the game look good and gives it a more realistic look to it it pulls you into the game more than any other type of graphics . that`s what you need in a game of this type after all capcom are trying to give the player a real sense of almost being there which they succeded in doing here.

the sound effects were spot on as well it`s as if it was thought about very carefully before they attempted to re do it from scratch i`m glad they took their time and did the game the way it was supposed to have been done first time round.

every gun looks and sounds far better here than in any other res-evil game so far.

lighting effects are amazing walking down a dark corridor barely visable and the next thing thunder and lightning strike and a flash lights up the hall for a split second and then all goes dark again this add`s to the atmosphere 10 fold.

the amount of detail gone into the characters and the monsters is really good the best looking characters and monsters in any game yet.

just think guy`s if George A Romero had done the movie it would have been like this game full of atmosphere and horror but instead we got some peace of cr*p that is pathetic to watch oh well here`s praying Mr Romero gets the funding for part 4 of his zombie movies i dont see why they shouldn`t give him it because they can give a no talented maggot like anderson millions and he waste`s it on that feeble excuse of a zombie movie and Mr Romero is struggling for money for his. thats not right a man with Romero`s talent should not have to be struggling for the funding it should be that m*ngo who made the res-evil movie thats struggling.

not much else to say about the game other than it`s the best looking survival horror out there and it`s the best playable survival horror out there as well.

well done Shinji Mikami sir well done cant wait to see what you have up your sleave inregards to - (res-evil zero) and the sequel to veronica.

The Bad

the fact that the characters run just a little slower than in any other evil game. and anyone who disagree`s should play R E-Nemisis on the playstation or on the dreamcast and you`ll see what i`m on about the characters move quicker in those versions but not here this is the only fault. it feels as if your character is running in slow motion.

The Bottom Line

the best survivial horror game out there for atmosphere and graphics none can beat it. if you like these type of games there`s no excuse why you should not get it as soon as possible.