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PGNx Media (Nov 16, 2003)
Roadkill has a neat sound package, too. The sound effects are decent but the soundtrack steals the show. There are lots of radio stations full of music and DJs and talk radio guests. It isn’t quite as humorous as the GTA games, but they get the job done very well.
Nintendojo (2004)
After “borrowing” several different ideas from several different famous franchises, Roadkill is obviously not the best stand-alone title available today. It’s unoriginal, but there’s easily some fun to be had after you get past the low production values. Once you complete this title, though, there’s really no reason to go back. Even the multiplayer is a bit of a drag. Roadkill is a great alternative to GTA and TMB on the GameCube. While certainly not as stellar as these two hallmark titles, we’ll just have to stop complaining that there are no extremely violent games on the GameCube. Now we can complain that there are no great, extremely violent games on the GameCube. When will this madness end?
IGN (Nov 04, 2003)
If you liked Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal: Black, it's pretty likely that you'll enjoy Roadkill. The game is wide-open, the areas are fun to explore, and there are some truly funny moments along the way. One thing to note, though: this game earns all of its M-rating. It's a capital M. There is more gore, rough language, and general disrespect for humanity in this game than in most prisons. If you go in with your eyes open or (God help us) even enjoy some of these things, then it can be bloody good fun. While its story and graphics lack pizzazz, Roadkill has something for everyone: action fans, racing fans, collection freaks, and serial killers can all find fulfillment here.
GameSpot (Oct 10, 2003)
If you think a game about driving around in a machine-gun-toting car and blowing away anything in your path sounds like fun, then you'll get it out of RoadKill.
Die Grafik ist dabei nicht eben das Nonplusultra, aber immerhin nicht so schlimm, dass unsere Augen anfingen zu tränen. So. Soviel dazu. Und nun eine gut gemeinte Warnung. Einer derartig brutalen Orgie haben wir unseren Lebtag noch nicht beigewohnt! Egal, ob das Blut und die Eingeweide in Gallonenmengen vor die Scheibenwischer klatschen, oder die Radiokommentatoren perverse Minderheitenwitze reißen: Dieses Spiel gehört definitiv NICHT in Kinderhände. Nur hartgesottene Splatterfans und Massenmörder werden ihren Spaß daran.
Game Over Online (Feb 23, 2004)
Roadkill is limited in terms of lasting appeal, mostly because the power difference between you and the sentinel cops (X-menesk) is quite unbalanced in your favor. This is tandem with items that practically give you full health and are strung about willy-nilly across any given environment. The multiplayer mode allows you to go head-to-head with up to three other players in a Twisted Metal style deathmatch. There are a few different power ups that can be found in multiplayer battles that are absent in the main story mode, but nothing to get excited about.
The environments are somewhat plain and are dark and gloomy. RoadKill is an attempt by Midway to profit off of Take-Two's GTA series. While it is different than GTA in many aspects, the similarities are obvious. If you like to shoot things without knowing why you are doing so, RoadKill is the perfect game for you.
Game Revolution (Oct, 2003)
RoadKill is very dark and grainy across all three platforms (which look and play roughly identically), though this graphical grit fits the feel and doesn’t detract from the experience. Gritty game, gritty look. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the lack of any sort of collision damage. Go ahead and ram into a wall. Not a scratch! Now try smashing into another car. Not a dent! Taking the arcade route is fine when it comes to control and physics, but how about some more realistic damage? RoadKill’s audio mimicry of GTA 3 wears thin, as you have a handful of radio stations to choose from and only one plays real, licensed hits. The rest are fake rap, fake metal, and noisy talk stations. The gun noises are jarring and the explosions are okay.