Robotech: Battlecry Credits

PUBLISHED BY TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Executive ProducerVincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer in Charge of ProductionPeter Gould
Senior ProducerTim Goodlett
ProducerCarlos Rodriguez
Production AssistanceJeremy Rosenthal
Quality Assurance DirectorDonn W. Nauert
Lead TesterReza Sadafi
Senior TesterRyan Kaminaga
Quality Assurance TeamTimothy Adamson, Emerson Dibley, Michael Chang, Steve Angeles, Mariano Merino, Edward J. Ramiro, Alex Becerra, Victor Biron, Jason Levin, Andy Pan, Erik van Rooy, Brian Etheridge, Matthew Mercer, Tom DiNatale, Abraham Muñoz, Christian Lee, Eric Williamson
COOShin Tanabe
PresidentShin Tanabe
CFOMartin Paravato
VP, International Business AffairsEugene Code
VP, Global MarketingStefan Serwe
VP, SalesMichael Devine
VP, OperationsLorena Billig
Brand DirectorSusan Fuller
Brand ManagerStephanie Ackerman
Special ThanksTDK, Mattel Boys New Media, Harmony Gold, Vicious Cycle, Adeline Petros

Mattel Boys New Media

ProducerBrian Ulinger
Associate ProducerJason Fay
Director of Licensing and DevelopmentJeff Goodwin
Senior Vice PresidentAmy Smith-Boylan
Sr. Manager, MarketingDebbie Shlens
Assistant Product ManagerLeslee Pitschke

Harmony Gold

Executive ProducerAlan Letz, Frank Agrama
ProducerTommy Yune
Co‑ProducerSteve Yun
Assoc. ProducerTom Bateman
Special ThanksAhmed Agrama, Nathan & Andrew & Donna, Joanne Hoffman, Sandra Hoffman

Vicious Cycle

PresidentEric T. Peterson
Art DirectorEric T. Peterson
Director of ProductionMarc Racine
ProducerMarc Racine, Mike Pearson
Director of EngineeringWayne Harvey
Lead EngineerWayne Harvey
Lead Game DesignerAdam Cogan
Game DesignerRick Raymer
Senior ProgrammerLee Baldwin, Douglas Cox, John C. O'Neill, Amilcar M. Ubiera
ProgrammerAllan Campbell, Josh Cole, Greg Coombe, Luke Hodorowicz, Jonathan Sterman, Deirdre Toomey
Senior ArtistKevin Boehm, Scot Loving
ArtistBen Cloward, Tad Irish, Matthew Larson, Sara Maher, Jeffrey R. Miller, Donovan M. Valdes, Chad Whitesell
Lead ArtistBen Lichius
Game Music Produced and Adapted byBarry Fasman, John O'Kennedy
Inspired From the Original Robotech Music byUlpio Minucci, Alron Ober, Alberto Estevez
Sound Effects Produced & Adapted byRoland J. Rizzo
Voice TalentCam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Melora Harte, Steven M. Kramer, Melanie MacQueen, Tony Oliver, Dan Woren
Special Thanks MattelAmy Smith-Boylan, Jeff Goodwin, The Mattel Staff
TDK MediactiveVincent J. Bitetti, Shin Tanabe, Martin Paravato, Eugene Code, Peter Gould, Carlos Rodriguez, Tim Goodlett, Adeline Petros, The TDK Mediactive Staff
Harmony GoldAlan Letz, Steve Yun, Tommy Yune, The Harmony Gold Staff
Additional ThanksGordon Brown, Kari Linfors, Elena Barnes, David Ellis, Robert Knopf, Michael Madden, Harvey Mercadoocasio, Jeremiah Washburn, All of our friends and family who have supported us in this endeavor

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