Written by  :  Paul Brown (18)
Written on  :  Jan 01, 2003
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Great Sonic game, as always

The Good

I've heard this didn't change much at all from "Sonic Adventure 2" on Dreamcast, but I wouldn't know.

Graphics- At least compared to the other "Sonic" games, they're very good. The 3-D realm, which is a relatively old yet not much practiced idea, would make most think its hard to play, but it isn't. It's actually almost too easy.

Gameplay- Very good, the first time around... Unlike the other "Sonic" games, you can save in this one, so it's not the classic 'beat the game in one try or just waste a whole lot of time trying' concept, which in my opinion makes it worse. There's no replay value at all, except for the fact that each mission has five sub-missions, but those get pretty boring and fast.

Sound- Personally, I wish this soundtrack were on a CD, because I really like it! In FMVs the characters actually talk, as well as at the end of each mission, and sometimes in it.

Chao garden- I LOVED this section. I thought it was fun to raise these pets from the egg and try to get them to become what I wanted it too. I still haven't gotten my NiGHTS Chao...

The Bad

It's too easy, and that's that. I beat this entire game (both sides and a bunch of bonus missions) in less than five hours...

The Bottom Line

Any Sonic lover should definitely buy this game, and if your looking for a good game to at least rent, go for it!