Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike (GameCube)

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike Credits

Factor 5

DirectorJulian Eggebrecht
Lead Software EngineerHolger Schmidt
Technical Lead EngineerThomas Engel
Software EngineersJens Petersam, Florian W. Sauer, Mike Keith, Sigmund Vik, Tony Wong, Dean Giberson, Nicolas Fournel, Achim Moller, Stefan Schulze
Production ManagerBrian D. Krueger
Mission Design DirectorsChristen David Klie, Albert Chen, Jamie Uhrmacher, Christopher Crawford, Chris Cates, Matthias Worch
Art DirectionPaul Topolos
ArtMario Wagner, Bastian Hoppe, Jim Moore, Kursad Karatas, Gaurav Mathur, Arne Langenbach
AnimationMario Wagner, Bastian Hoppe, Jim Moore, Kursad Karatas, Gaurav Mathur, Arne Langenbach
Additional ArtArmando Afre, David Stripinis, Ole Goethe Roesstad
Additional AnimationArmando Afre, David Stripinis, Ole Goethe Roesstad
Technical ArtistAlisha Piccirillo
CutscenesTobias J. Richter
Sound Design & Video ProductionRudolf Stember
Music DirectorChris Hülsbeck
Additional MusicJake Jacobson
I.S. DepartmentRené F. Henke, Brian Miller


ProducerBrett Tosti
QA LeadJohnny Szary
QA Assistant LeadMark Montuya
QA TestersIsaiah Webb, John Lowenthal, Patrick Bratton, Tim Temmerman, Saul Arizaga, Eric Erbes
Star Wars Content SupervisorJustin Lambros
Technical ArtistHans P. Winold
Voice DirectorWilliam Beckman
Senior Voice EditorCindy F. Wong
Assistant Voice EditorsG. W. Childs, Harrison Deutsch
Voice and International CoordinatorJennifer Sloan
Original Star Wars Music Composed byJohn T. Williams
Manager of International ProductionDarragh O'Farrell
Localization ProducerHuan-Hua Chye
International Lead TesterPhillip Berry
Senior Product Marketing ManagerMarcella Churchill
Product MarketingLogan Parr
Marketing CoordinatorGreg Rosenfeld
Public Relations ManagerHeather Twist
Public Relations SpecialistAlexis Mervin
Public Relations Internet SpecialistRonda Scott
Sales and Channel MarketingMeredith Cahill, Tim Moore, Katy Walden, Mike Maguire, Greg Robles, Alyxandra Huynh
Internet MarketingJim Passalacqua, Chris Adams, Paul Warner, Nu Opapongpand
Manual EditorBrett Rector
Manual WriterMichael Gallo
Manual & Package DesignBlind Mice Studio
Very Special ThanksGeorge Lucas

Voice Cast

Admiral Ackbar, Imperial Officer 2, Boba Fett, Wedge, Wingman 5Chris Cox
Luke SkywalkerBob Bergen
C-3PO, Crix Madine, Imperial Pilot 2, Imperial Recruiter, YodaTom Kane
Commander 4, Emperor, Imperial Officer 1, Rebel Soldier 2, Scientist, Wingman 1Nick Jameson
Han Solo, Stormtrooper 3, Transport Captain 1, Transport Captain 3Lex Lang
Sarkli, Rebel Soldier 1, Stormtrooper 2, Commander 3, Wingman 4Robin Atkin Downes
Leia OrganaJoyce Kurtz
Narrator, Commander 2, Wingman 7Denny Delk
Lando CalrissianObba Babatunde
General RieekanDan Barton
Imperial Pilot 1Steve Ballantine
Hobbie, Commander 6, WindyAndrew Chaikin
Jabba Guard, Officer 1, Owen, Rebel Trooper, Commando, Commander 1Patrick Fraley
Derlin, General Dodonna, Wingman 2Wayne Grace
BiggsTom Kenny
Darth Vader, Transport Captain 2Scott Lawrence
Imperial Base CommanderRobert Machray
Frigate CommanderLynne Maclean
Commander 7, Fixer, Obi-Wan, Simulator Voice, Stormtrooper 1, Tycho, Wingman 3Tim Omundson
Commander 5, Imperial Generic, Wingman 6David Walsh

Activision UK

Senior Vice‑PresidentScott Dodkins
General Manager LucasArts EuropeSarah Ewing
Senior Brand ManagerKeely Brenner
Head of Publishing ServicesNathalie Ranson
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
Localisation Project ManagerMark Nutt
Publishing Services CoordinatorTrevor Burrows
European Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannersLynne Moss, Victoria Fisher

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (104376), Huan-Hua Chye (37) and formercontrib (159636)