Summoner 2 Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

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The main menu
Part of the opening sequence
Title screen
The game begins with a battle on a ship
Performing a combo attack on a creature
Some more of those glowing things attack
You can find items in treasure chests, or by defeating enemies sometimes
About to enter a battle on a bridge
This is a healing pool
One of the many cutscenes in the game
Sneaking about a temple
Hmm, something here looks well guarded
The treasure icon means you can pick something up, but now may not be the time!
The menu where you can upgrade skills, or equip weapons
The map of the lands
Sneak up on the guards and take this cannon by force!
The mouth icon means you can talk with someone here
Are you ready yet to travel by airship?
A cutscene: this looks like trouble!!
Attack these glowing spheres to prevent more monsters from appearing
Entering your palace
Talking with a character
I need to find a way to put out this fire...
Use a spell to restore a fallen character to life
Transforming into a summons creature
The blood summons
Fighting your way up a ramp...
The eye icon means there is something to examine closer
The game menu