Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube)

Super Mario Sunshine Screenshots

GameCube version

Title screen
Mario meets FLUDD
Explore Isle Delfino
Clean up goop with water
Collect coins
Use FLUDD to hover above the ground
Climb through or over obstacles
Explore tropical locations
Battle fierce creatures
Enter a giant watermelon competition
Get whisked away to new locations
The locals may provide you with useful information, or just chat
There are plenty of obstacles to get past
Looking at Delfino Harbor.
Nifty water effects.
Mario has a new sliding attack on the B button.
At the island's port.
Hitting Gelato Beach.
Some plants can be watered to affect the world.
Fighting critters on a solar mirror. Check the reflections.
Hose them down!
C'mere and let me douse you!
A Bowser boat?
Watery anti-Mario.
Fighting robot Bowser from a roller coaster.
Bowser's kid arrives on the scene.
Mario takes his hat off after a long, successful mission.