Super Smash Bros.: Melee (GameCube)

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Written by  :  Da-Flea (33)
Written on  :  Nov 12, 2004
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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SMASH your opponents to the moon.

The Good

Want a good beat'em'up this is the one for you. Its got good graphics, gameplay and even better you can literally smash your opponents into space. However if battling in melee's isn't your style. Go on classic mode, adventure mode or, after its been unlocked, take on the challenging all star mode. Plus even if that dosen't appeal to you try camera mode, giant mode, sudden death melee and even invisible mode. Then if you get bored with that have a go at wire frame battles, home run mode or just tune up your skill with practice mode. Even better is that all the time your getting new characters, levels and being awarded trophies.

The Bad

There's that much to choose from the chances are you're head is going to explode.

The Bottom Line

The best beat'em'up known to man. Know a better one then tell me I'd have to buy it.