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90 (Oct 26, 2006)
Mission accomplie par le studio d'Ubisoft qui a su réellement retravailler sa licence pour ne pas nous sortir une vulgaire suite avec des arrières-pensées lucratives. Reprenant le succès de l'épisode précédent par son moteur graphique et son gameplay, les développeurs ont su ajouter de vraies nouveautés pour attiser notre intéret de joueur dont une véritable révolution dans la série, un scénario soigné. Prenant, saisissant, stressant, Splinter Cell Double Agent est un vrai roman d'aventure teinté de thriller qui se dévore à pleines dents sans ennui et sans baisse de régime.
Mag'64 (Nov 13, 2006)
Leider verspürt man das herannahende Ende der Gamecube-Ära. Der aktuelle "Splinter Cell"-Teil wirkt nicht ausgereift, vor allem in technischer Hinsicht. Grafisch wurden wir in der Redaktion maßlos enttäuscht - das Fehlen von Texturen darf bei einer derartigen Spiele-Perle einfach nicht passieren. Ansonsten ist das Spielprinzip gewohnt intuitiv und äußerst motivierend. Das lineare Spielgeschehen wird durch das neue Gut/Böse-System ansprechend bereichert. Auf diesem Punkt lässt sich durchaus aufbauen. Auch wenn die Spielzeit nicht überragend ist (10-12 Stunden), ist ein zweites Durchspielen, dank der unterschiedlichen Storywendungen, absolut empfehlenswert. Vier Schwierigkeitsgrade stellen selbst Profi-Spieler vor eine Herausforderung. Die wie immer wunderbar in Szene gesetzten Levelumgebungen (Luxusliner, "JBA"-Hauptquartier, Höhlen-Gegenden, etc.) werden dem eigentlichen Serien-Namen durchaus gerecht.
NGamer (Dec, 2006)
It's a shame that this might be Fisher's last swansong on Nintendo - at least for a while. But then, it'll prove hard to top this - it takes everything that was good about Chaos Theory and tightens it up, to the point that the once-heralded quicksave option now feels slightly cheap. A strong co-op mode and a compelling story ensures that Fisher's once again crawled into our hearts - and long may he stay undetected.
Although you might expect the next gen version to shine the brightest, the current gen consoles actually turn in the brightest performance overall in my opinion, with the Xbox first, PS2 second. I found the story more fleshed out since certain story elements that are glossed over in the X360 version are given more gravity and importance. The gameplay is definitely more along the lines of Chaos Theory, which I mentioned is not a bad thing unless you’re tired of the whole SC scene in general. All in all it’s good news as current gen console owners can be confident they’ll be getting stellar gameplay experience, while those who own a 360 as well, will actually be getting double Double Agent action if they play both versions, not to mention having a better understanding how the entire story plays out. Definitely recommended.
GameSpot (Nov 28, 2006)
It's impossible to look at the GameCube version of Splinter Cell Double Agent completely in a vacuum when there are other, far superior versions of the game available for the same price and with much more to offer. It has a decent campaign, and the co-op missions aren't bad, but so much of Splinter Cell has to do with the graphical presentation and how it ties in to gameplay that this version just can't be recommended. Even if judged strictly on its own merits, while ignoring the presence of other versions, Splinter Cell Double Agent for the GameCube comes up short.
GamesRadar (Nov 28, 2006)
Galvanized by the well-implemented trust management system, Splinter Cell: Double Agent proves to be another great game in this venerable series. Alas, the graphical limitations of the Gamecube keep this version from the success of its peers. Still, by delving further into the character of Sam Fisher, Ubisoft manages to keep the series vital, much to our delight.
Game Chronicles (Dec 02, 2006)
If the only console you own is a Gamecube – steer clear of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. But if you happen to own a PS2 or Xbox – pick up one of those versions and you will have an awesome holiday.
GameSpy (Nov 28, 2006)
I've been bagging on Double Agent for GameCube so much that you'd think I worked at Safeway. Honestly, it's an okay game at heart, but it's hard to see that if you've even caught a glimpse of the other versions. It's obvious that Ubisoft slapped this together like a lazy 5th grader's science fair project. Think of it like this: Blues Brothers is one of my favorite movies; imagine if they removed one of the brothers, made the songs crappier, and phoned in everything else. You'd end up with Blues Brothers 2000, and nobody wants that.