Turok: Evolution Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Acclaim Studios logo.
Cut scene opener.
Cut scene opener, a hatchet to head.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Game memory card save slots.
Cut scene, Indian stone portal.
Chapter 1 - Into the Jungle.
Approaching jungle gates.
Game moves to FPS mode for play, hold hatchet ready.
First little dino on your path.
Waterfall and big dinos.
Bow and arrow for a shot at the guard on top of rock on the left.
Taking cover from guard arrow shots but careful, don't spook the dinos.
Sneaking up on guard from higher position.
Steady your aim with crosshair for the shot.
Draw back on the bow.... steady...
Killing the guard makes him drop something.
An artifact from the dead guard.
Hopping rocks to fetch the artifact.
Level exit blocked.
Swimming in the waterfall pool.
Guards protecting the exit.
Two guards and your health is fading fast.
Finally dispatched them both.
Exiting the level into a cave.
Chapter 1 continues.... now raptors are lurking about!
Cave feeders.
Raptors... yes two of them on the high rocks ahead.
Ready your bow for a stand-off shot.
Raptor shot at the first one... scares them off for now.
Ok... entrance clear, moving out into the level... oh raptors here kitty kitty.