UFC: Throwdown (GameCube)

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4Players.de (Nov 02, 2002)
Wer noch nie mit einem UFC-Titel zu tun hatte, wird von der originellen Spielmechanik sicher überrascht sein. Ob positiv oder negativ hängt davon ab, ob Ihr eine gewisse Einarbeitungszeit in Kauf nehmt, um die zahlreichen Kampfstile und das facettenreiche Stellungsspiel richtig zu beherrschen. Wer hingegen schon auf Dreamcast oder Xbox an den recht brutalen Kämpfen teilgenommen hat, wird Neuerungen oder Verbesserungen mit der Lupe suchen müssen und sich mit Recht über nach wie vor bestehende Mankos wie die ungenaue Kollisionsabfrage, unübersichtliche Kameraführung oder die durchwachsene Präsentation ärgern. Irgendwie war alles schon einmal da und das meist sogar besser als es jetzt der Fall ist. Arcade-Klopper sollten sowieso einen großen Bogen um die etwas träge und undynamisch anmutenden UFC-Duelle machen, während Fans mit dem betagten Original nach wie vor am besten bedient sind.
Nintendojo (2002)
I like this game because it shows a real effort to make a solid representation of UFC. It works solidly. What I don’t like, however, is that it’s lacking the flair and pizzazz of a fighter. Aside from a few good blood spills, there aren’t many exciting events in the ring to look at or listen to. A sport that’s this strong and gaining popularity so fast definitely needs to be given a five-star game. Work on it Crave, you have the foundation. Now you need to add some nice finish and moldings to your décor. Oh, and I don’t know which of the ladies in your art department “filled in” the units on your player models, but geeze, tell her to keep her fantasies in her closet, right next to her life-size Gene Simmons blow up doll.
IGN (Jul 30, 2002)
I've really only followed UFC loosely over the years, so I'm definitely not your die-hard UFC fan. But, thanks to Throwdown's deep Career mode I was hooked on the game for a while, and found it quite enjoyable to evolve my created character. Squaring off against another human opponent with my created tough guy was also very entertaining. You just get a better sense of satisfaction if you're winning with something you've worked hard to create. That said, though, Throwdown has its limits. Unless you're an avid fan of UFC, the game will have a tough time holding your attention. In addition to this, if you're a hardcore fan who's already owned several UFC titles, there may not be enough new features to warrant a purchase.
Kombo.com (Nov 15, 2003)
You'll like the first few hours with the game. You'll probably want to do a lot in the Career mode, but all of this just happens for so long. After leveling up to the max, unlocking a few fighters in the Championship mode, and a few matches in Arcade, there just really isn't anything that will make you want to keep playing. The actual fighting is fun and with another human player with you, it gets better, but once again the game lasts for only a short while.