Viewtiful Joe Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Joe has to kick the Capcom logo back into place
Team Viewtiful logo
Title screen
The main menu
Starting a new game: Joe and his girlfriend in the cinema
The first level; fighting an enemy
You get some helpful tips on the first few missions
Hmm, what's in that huge crate?
Use the slow motion effect to fight tough enemies
Uh oh, I'm surrounded!
Save the game, or continue on?
Yikes, I'm being chased by a giant barrel
Using slow motion effect to fight off numerous enemies
Take out this helicopter!
Buy some items to upgrade Joes powers
It's the wild gunman!
Captain Blue fights you to test your skills occasionally
Riding a platform over this wall of water
Cutscene: Joe to the rescue!
A large enemy blocks your path
Surrounded by strange enemies in pink...
Use the zoom in effect to take out multiple opponents easily
Cutscene: what will happen to Joe's girlfriend?
Use your visual effects power to jump a bus over a canyon
Use this key to unlock a door, but avoid the lasers!
Look out, incoming bullet!
Using visual effects to defeat enemies
Unlock a door with this crystal
Save, power up, or continue?
Don't fall on those spikes!