Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo Credits


Creator of Wallace and GromitNick Park
DirectorDavid Braben
ProducerJames Dixon
Executive ProducerMarcus J. Fielding
Design and Product Development Manager (Aardman)Rachael Carpenter
International Marketing Manager (BAM)Lia Tsele
Director of Development (BAM)Joe Booth
Voice of WallacePeter Sallis
Voice of Help PointsJohn Glover
StoryDavid Braben
ScriptTristan Davies
Additional ScriptJames Dixon, John Laws
Art DirectorJohn Laws
MusicAlistair Lindsay
Original MusicJulian Nott
Original Concept and DesignDavid Braben, Marc Cox, James Dixon, Jonny Watts
Level DesignSteven Burgess, Laurence Oldham, Peter Parkin, Justin Rosewell, Tim Saunders
Cut Scene DirectionGavin Gibbons, Neil Hall, John Laws
Intro and FinaleGavin Gibbons, Neil Hall, Dean Stolpmann
Game ProgrammingTom Beckmann, Howard Chalkley, Steven Guest, Jon Travers, Stefano Bucciarelli, Tim Hughes, James Dixon
Engine ProgrammingDavid Scantlebury, Robin Bryce, Tom Clapham, Jon Lewis, Trevor Page, Jonathan Roach, Sergei Lewis
Art and ModelsMarc Cox, Jeremy Kay, Ed Bright, Neil Pettitt, Tjaart Kruger, Dean Stolpmann, Gary Bickmore, Craig Chivers, Shafeq Rahman
AnimationNeil Hall, Richard Parke, Gavin Gibbons, Gerard Huke, Milan Medvec, Marc Cox, John Laws
Voice DirectionDavid Sproxton, David Braben
VO and Localisation StudioSIDE
Wallace Lip SynchNeil Pettitt
Sound EffectsSteve Cowell, Alistair Lindsay
Promo MusicMarcus J. Fielding
European IT ManagerPaul Blakeway
Publishing Support ManagerPhoenix Valencia
Frontier QAMichael Brookes, Andrew Thomas
BAM QAKen Barnes, Lance Page, Jeremy Mahler, Jesse Anacleto (lead)
TT123 TestingDavid Hague, Tarl Raney, Duane Mortensen, Mark Collins, Bob Shink, Ryan Gibson, Jerry Pritchard
Focus and Play TestingHand Painted Dog
RepresentationJacqui Lyons, Marjacq 
MarketingKim Morgan, John Merchant, Laili Sammah, Diane Tejada
Marketing Creative ManagerScott Baumann
PR Manager USMika Kelly
Special Thanks toAll at Jacobs, Julian Nott Publishing/Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
And also special thanks to:Nick Park, Sean Clarke, Helen Dunkley, Merlin Crossingham, Lucy Wendover, Amy Robison, Kate Strudwick, Suzanne Cherry, Angie Last, Emma Scott, David Sproxton, Peter Lord, Dick Hansom, Anthony Williams, Aaron Endo, Susan Young, Price Design Team, Head First, Jacqui Lyons, David Walsh, All those that helped at Bottisham School

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21723)