Wario World (GameCube)

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Written by  :  Dark Cloud (35)
Written on  :  Dec 14, 2003

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Wario's debut on the GCN is very rich in gold, jewels, and FUN!

The Good

The graphics in Wario World are so cool and I like SOME (but not all) the music, and the fact that you can piledrive the bad guys into the ground and swing them a bazillion times before throwing them out of the level is awesome, I could do this for hours and not get tired. And some of Wario's lines are pretty funny. And most of the enemies and a lot of the bosses are pretty goofy looking. It's also neat that Wario can suck coins into his mouth.

The Bad

It's tough to find something dislikable in this kind of game, except this game is pretty short. That's about it.

The Bottom Line

Are you a fan of Wario? Do you like games where you can beat the snot out of your enemies? Do you like getting gold coins and jewels and treasures? Then this is the game for you.