Written by  :  Jon Collins (28)
Written on  :  Jul 23, 2004
Rating  :  4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Wow...this is DEFINITELY something different

The Good

Wario Ware, Inc. features fast-paced, highly competitive, off-the-wall, mindless fun which I have never experienced before. The micro-games last only 3 seconds or so, which (being plagued with extreme ADD) is very good since I have a hard time focusing for extended periods of time. The variety of micro-games is great too, ranging from trying to keep Wario in a spotlight, to escaping a dripping bubble of snot, to deploying an air-bag on time. The games have to making faces of utter confusion, panic to complete the game, and pure amusement as you have never seen anything so weird in your life. Playing this game in four-player mode is an absolute must as you try to outlive your friends all the while trying to mess them up as much as possible.

The Bad

Some people would complain about the graphics being Gameboy-ish, etc. However, I understand that this was a Gameboy game originally and am not convinced that better graphics would improve this game. One problem I did have with this game at first is the learning curve. The first time a booted up the game and began playing, I was greeted with a white outline of a box, a white dot, and the instructions "Detonate." I stared at the screen and said "....Uh-huh, riiight." Well, once you realize that that dot was actually a firework and was supposed to be "detonated" with the A button in the box, everything makes sense (at least in this game's sense of the word) Also, I personally was not that interested in the single-player mode because half of the game's fun stems from its fun party mode.

The Bottom Line

Wario Ware is an essential party game full of wacky, reflex-testing, off-the-wall micro-games which is unlike anything I've ever seen before. If you have a Gamecube, and 3 friends, this game is a necessity which is guaranteed to provide immense fun for gamers of all ages. If you are thinking of getting this game for the single-player mode, personally, I'd recommend renting it first. This is one of the most original games to ever grace the walls of gaming shops and you should not let it's "sub-par" graphics deter you from trying it out.