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N-Zone (Jan 21, 2004)
Knappe Kurven, zahllose Loopings und andere Schikanen werden euch mit Sicherheit für viele Stunden an die Controller fesseln. Was das Streckendesign betrifft, haben die Entwickler wirklich ganze Arbeit geleistet und den Nachfolger auch optisch verbessert. Das intelligente Waffensystem ist obendrein genau das Richtige für alle schießwütigen Speedfreaks. An F-Zero GX rauscht dieser Vertreter sicherlich nicht vorbei, aber wem bei Nintendos Vertreter Waffen fehlen oder wer gar das Spiel bereits durchgezockt hat, sollte sich schleunigst Acclaims abgefahrenen Funracer vorknöpfen.
80 (Nov 06, 2003)
XGRA ist eine gelungene, ultraschnelle Alternative zu konventionellen Rennspielen. Mit besserer Bewaffnung, einem faireren Streckendesign und umfangreicherem Karrieremodus hätte das Spiel zum Hit werden können. Fans des Genres werden diese Schwächen jedoch verkraften können und bekommen mit XGRA ein adrenalinförderndes Rennspektakel geboten, das selbst eingefleischten Racingfreaks alles abverlangt!
Nintendojo (2003)
XGRA sports one of the worst titles I’ve heard in a while for a video game. But under that nasty title there’s a pretty solid racer. Unfortunately for Acclaim, the Cube has just been hit up with three outstanding racers including Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, F-Zero GX, and Need for Speed Underground. In that company, XGRA looks average.
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 20, 2004)
Leading up to the release of XGRA, people were concerned that the more combat-oriented style might ruin the game. While the game definitely packs more heat than previous XG titles, it's not so much that it ruins the game completely. What the focus on combat does turn the game into is an unbalanced weapons racing title, that, while still a good, fun game, could have been amazing if the weaponry didn't get in the way of the racing. Anyone who likes his Extreme-G fix will love this game to death, and people dying for GameCube racing games should go for this one too. For everyone else, you'll definitely get your money's worth if you make it a Blockbuster night.
IGN (Dec 15, 2003)
XGRA is a fun racer, but if you're expecting something that plays like XG3 -- don't. These are two different games. Acclaim's latest offering has a lot going for it still. Tight, if heavy control, a seriously improved weapon system that makes for a lot of fun, and the insane tracks that XG fans have come to expect from the franchise. This is a bigger game -- more courses and a slightly expanded Season Mode, too. No doubt, die-hard racing fans will find a good amount to be happy over here, especially at XGRA's reduced price tag.
Lawrence (Oct 17, 2003)
If you are into future racers, then PS2 and Xbox owners may check this out. However, if you are a Gamecube owner that loves F-Zero GX, you'll have no reason for XGRA unless you really look forward to weapons-based combat. Regardless, with the lack of options, customizations and modes, it should get old in its first month.
Überhaupt macht XGRA einen etwas überladenen Eindruck. Offenbar wollte man möglichst viele tolle neue Effekte und Features unterbringen, hat es aber nicht geschafft, diese vernünftig auszubalancieren. Da wären zum Beispiel die Strecken, deren Verlauf oft nicht gut einsehbar ist. Oder die Wettereffekte, welche nicht einmal mehr cool aussehen, sondern nur noch nervig sind, wenn das Rennen im Sandsturm zu einem reinen Blindflug verkommt. Und zu guter Letzt ist den Waffen (wieder mal] eine viel zu große Bedeutung zugeteilt, wodurch das Rennen fast zur Nebensache degradiert
GameSpot (Jan 13, 2004)
Save for Nintendo's recently revived F-Zero series and Sony's effectively dormant Wipeout series, there have been few futuristic racing games that have really been good enough to leave an impression. Though it wallowed in semi-obscurity on the N64 for a few years, Acclaim's Extreme-G series found its stride with the third installment, which was the most fully realized in the series, and it helped Extreme-G define itself as more than just another Wipeout clone. Though the previous naming convention has been discarded, XGRA marks the fourth game in the Extreme-G series. It's bigger and more ambitious than any of its predecessors, but XGRA is hindered by a few unfortunate technical and design issues.
GameZone (Jan 08, 2004)
Overall, XGRA provides a fun futuristic racing title for you Wipeout or Extreme G III (EGIII) fans looking for a little something new to run with. Even though it may be a short ride for a lot of you, the game does improve over the original and has a lot of high speed and damaging weapons to play with to keep you entertained for a while.