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Superb graphics, good gameplay Paul Jones (290) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (18 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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XIII's presentation is excellent, along with the level designs. The graphics are crisp, well detailed, and stunning. Pop-up windows are displayed when you shoot someone in their face; killing them instantly and showing the bullet penetrate their skull. My only complaint about the graphics are the slow load times between levels. XIII is the best looking FPS on PS2 and equally as good game play wise as it is beautiful. XIII is most likely the best FPS of 2003; I suggest you add this one to your holiday must-have list.
Kurzum: Euch erwartet ein dickes Abenteuer zwischen Action, Stealth, stylischer Optik, packender Storyline und so ganz nebenbei absolut partytauglichen Multiplayer-Deathmacht-Modi. Wer's nicht kauft, mag keine Ego-Shooter. Punkt.
N-Zone (Dec 09, 2003)
XIII kann die hoch gesteckten Erwartungen erfüllen und die positiven Vorabeindrucke bestätigen. Euch erwartet der beste Ego-Shooter des Jahres. Die Suche nach der Wahrheit hat absoluten Kinofilmcharakter und ist hoch spannend. Ungeduldige Spieler sollten aber lieber ein anderes Spiel bevorzugen. XIII ist teilweise sehr schwer. Etwas weniger spannend fand ich den Mehrspielermodus, der mit nur vier Spielmodi daherkommt.
Nintendo Difference (Apr 03, 2006)
XIII est un très bon jeu, qu’on se le dise ! Il a ses défauts, comme tout et n’importe quoi. Et ce qui est sûr, son achat, vous ne le regretterez pas.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 19, 2003)
L'intrigue est superbement mise en scène et l'esthétique donne toujours envie d'en voir plus. Vous n'allez peut-être pas me croire mais je n'avais pas autant trippé sur un FPS consoles depuis l'antique Goldeneye !
4Players.de (Dec 22, 2003)
100 Stilpunkte! Selbst Mr. Coolness Max Payne verbreitet nicht die tiefgekühlte Stimmung, die von der Optik dieses Spiels ausgeht. XIII ist von Anfang bis Ende einfach durchgestylt, selbst der vollkommen belanglose Ladescreen hat Klasse - höchstes Designlob! Das gilt allerdings nicht für die Schleichmissionen, für die ich den Entwicklern am liebsten Nummer 13 auf den Hals hetzen möchte: In Verbindung mit dem unglücklichen Speichersystem gilt in diesen Abschnitten ein zähes Trial-and-Error-Prinzip, bis ich wirklich alle Gegnerpositionen auswendig kenne, bis ich wirklich alle schlaffen Körper durch den halben Level getragen und anschließend sicher versteckt habe - das muss wirklich nicht sein! Doch davon abgesehen ist XIII momentan -der- Shooter für alle, die einen aufregenden Comic dem tausendsten Fotorealismus vorziehen - Präsentation, Spielspaß und Ideenreichtum setzen Maßstäbe im Ballergenre.
Kombo.com (Feb 19, 2004)
All in all, XIII has much to set it aside from the usual FPS crowd. With a unique graphic style and flair, and a storyline that will keep you pulling the trigger all the way to the end, make for a really enjoyable game. Slight problems keep it from being perfect, but XIII definitely deserves a place in your game collection.
IGN (Nov 24, 2003)
XIII begins with you washed up on a beach in sunny Southern California, rescued by a Baywatch-style beauty and taken to the lifeguard shack. You'll get a few flashbacks that suggest an undercover operation gone wrong, but you won't get much chance to ponder what's happened before the bullets start flying. All you have to go on is a key to a bank, since you have no memory, and you'll have to plow through bunches of bad guys before you can get there.
GameZone (Dec 19, 2003)
Conceptually, XIII lives up to the hype. The preliminary work that the developers did practically flies off the game and dives right into your room. There's a lot of brilliance to be found within this title, primarily in its story presentation. Trying hard to be like a comic book, XIII will remind you how much fun it is to play a game that's actually cool.
1UP (May 09, 2004)
Still, if you want to play through a good story on the easy or normal difficulty settings, there's a lot to like here. In addition to the story elements, there are various multiplayer modes that can pass some time, so it ends up being a fairly long-lasting game if you want it to be. But really, you can see the best parts of XIII by just playing through the story mode on easy, which makes it better suited for a rental.
Game Over Online (Nov 30, 2003)
In some ways, it makes the art simpler to draw. There are fewer colors and color variations, for example, than a comparably realistic scene. The wood is a homogenous tone of brown. Metal can be drawn in a hue or two. But sometimes, it makes for interesting effects. Shattered glass looks a lot different in the XIII world than it does in ours. There are tracers to the grenades you throw; another interesting effect.
GameSpot (Dec 04, 2003)
XIII has a unique and potentially interesting premise, and some will certainly want to drag their way through the single-player campaign just to watch the story unfold, but the game doesn't really differentiate itself from the wide array of other first-person shooters on the market. The cel-shaded graphical style works in the context of trying to re-create a comic book, but the models and other graphical elements fall short. Given the large amount of competition in this genre, fans of first-person shooting are advised to spend their time elsewhere.
GameSpy (Nov 24, 2003)
When it comes right down to it, XIII is a fine game. I have a feeling it'll disappoint many, simply because the pre-release hype became a bit too intense in the past few months. But with your expectations tempered, there's enough gameplay here to keep you entertained for at least a little while. I wish the multiplayer offered more, as it would no doubt extend the title's replay value. The single-player experience is enjoyable, if not revolutionary. And hell, maybe the graphical style really does it for you. By all means, give XIII a shot. Just don't expect the FPS of the year because, sadly, this isn't it.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2003)
It’s too bad XIII’s linear single-player game isn’t nearly as thrilling as the delivery. You basically go from mission to mission shooting bad guys in very typical first-person fashion using a standard assortment of weaponry. Pistols, a sniper rifle, assault rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher staples of the trade, but none of which pack much visceral punch. The crossbow is probably the best of the bunch because of a cool little paneled sequence that triggers when you successfully snipe a guy with it.