Advertising Blurbs

Screenshot captions from the Box:
    Diving: "Good height...neat tuck...perfect entry!"

    Cycling: "You're banking at a 35° angle! Catch the draft and cruise to the gold."

    Rings: "Keep it smooth and watch those transitions-the judges sure are."

    Hurdles: "Fire over the hurdles to a power finish."

    Contributed by Thomas Perl (80) on Aug 04, 2002.

From the Back of the Box:
    You've been waiting your whole life to play on this team. Imagine facing the world's greatest athletes in eight demanding, nerve-racking, sweat-inducing events. It's the opportunity-and challenge-of a lifetime.

    The official test of your power, skill and guts. You'll sprint down a 110 meter track, clearing hurdles in a fraction of a second. Then you'll jam a pole into the planting box and vault over a cross-bar, aiming for a world's record.

    You'll rely on every ounce of your strength to hold a handstand in the rings competition. Then slide effortlessly into a huge pool as you complete a perfect back-somersault-triple-twist dive.

    If you're the best, you'll proudly wear the gold... and make history.

    > Eight thrilling events (Velodrome Sprint Cycling, Hurdles, Pole Vault, Hammer-throw, Uneven Parallel Bars, Rings, Archery, and Springboard Diving).

    > Opening and awards spectacles set in incredibly realistic scenery.

    > First-person views, dramatic camera angles, Diamond Vision(tm) and 3-D scrolling-plus exciting sound effects.

    > Multiple player option, each player competing for a different country. Or you can compete against the computer.

    > Coach book to help boost your scores.

    Contributed by Thomas Perl (80) on Aug 04, 2002.