Gandhara: Buddha no Seisen Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
James receives his quest
Starting location
Fighting some mean dudes not far from an oasis
This is Acala, or Budong Mingwang in Chinese, which the Japanese pronounce "Fudō Myōō"
Game Over...
Hmm... the door is locked
Buddhist characters abound

PC-88 version

Title screen
The story is full of Buddhist mythology
No, the hero is not an ancient Nazi. The swastika an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol, which has been unfortunately abused by that evil cult
Starting location. Man, I need a coke or something. It's just too hot here
Fudo looks like someone who is just short of being admitted to a mental institution
Ahh, it's a nice place... if it weren't for those low-level monsters...
The game has plenty of Buddhist mythological figures
This tree saves your game. But that cloud tries to prevent you from doing so!
Important locations are hard to find, since the whole game is basically a gigantic maze
This guy looks anachronistically Muslim. Islam didn't yet exist at the time of the Kushan empire...
So you have five of those, and I have just one. So what? Does it mean you're better than me? No. So quit bragging already
Transition between worlds!
Game Over
Mid-level character is exploring the second world. Very colorful!..
Mazes, monsters, and quite a "gothic" horror design of some locations...
Dungeon exploration. Hey, don't look at me like that... :)
High-level hero outside of a gorgeous palace
Where are we going?..
Be careful not to fall into the lava
These high-level monsters look deceptively cute