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Garden Gnome Carnage

Garden Gnome Carnage Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Start screen
Let's spell it out for you.
Starting conditions: yep, the gnome is suspended from the buildingtop by a bungee cord. Everything's normal here!
There are a series of helpful tips to help you get more enjoyment out of the game.
Move the building, swing the gnome at some elves.
Taking out a sled in mid-air.
Lobbing a brick.
Getting a larger combo.
Getting such a large combo even the developer gets excited!
Descent of the gift-bearing paratroop elves who must be knocked off-screen to make them go away. Also a cat climbs up the side??
The cat is accidentally flung off. The Homer Simpson noise suggests I have missed out on some sort of bonus.
Just to let you know when you had a close escape!
Launching an air strike.
Immediately following the air strike... /everything/ is up in the air. Helpfully, a little arrow helps me to track the current location of the cat. I was worried about it!
The last air strike is really something quite special.
Building nearly denuded of flung bricks, finally, relief! In the form of... a second gnome. Not exactly the calvary, but every bit helps.
Game over!
Getting a small combo.