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    Dazzling graphics and excellent sound bring a whole new dimension to the Game Boy! Enchantment and excitement await you in Gargoyle's Quest.

    Prepare to do battle as Firebrand, the last Guardian Gargoyle of the Ghoul Realm. You must act quickly to defend your world against an invading army of Destroyers.

    Fight your way through enemy forces to reach the dimensional portal that leads to your home world. Once there, the true nature of the quest begins.

    The King of the Ghoul Realm has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save him. Blast the attackers with fiery breath as you fly through their defenses. Unravel the mysteries of this multilevel universe to succeed in conquering the Destroyers and freeing the captive King.

    • Highly-detailed artwork sets new standards for the Game Boy!
    • Advanced playability, highlighted with 360 degree scrolling.
    • Hours of entertainment await you in this diverse adventure.

    • Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (45529) on Mar 14, 2012.

    Back Cover (Gameboy):
      Gargoyle's Quest Brings Big-Screen Action to Game Boy!

      You are Firebrand - gargoyle and proud guardian of the Ghoul Realm. The Destroyers have returned to wipe out your planet... and they take no prisoners!

      Use your breath of fire and your flying ability to combat the enemy. Fight heroically, and you'll recover stolen magic items that will strengthen you for your many battles.

    • Detailed Graphics set new standards for Game Boy
    • Fascinating new epic adventure story!

      For 1 player only.

      Contributed by Jeanne (75451) on Sep 14, 2002.