Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Some story
How to play
Character select
Before fight
Nice kick
Retaliate attack
Super combo....
Winners speech
Gato has trouble
Hotaru's good defend
Battle effects
Ninja style
Enter with smoke
Special attack
Young ninja's speech
Flame kick
Bonne Jenet hits the ground
Time to tea!
Flying kick
Kim throws Kevin
Hard hit in balls
Yep, Super Attack time
Kevin is cop
Freeman can fast attack
He can fast kick too.
All players love explosions
Wrestling technique
Tizoc tries fly
Throw & finish him!
Black Karate Master - Khushnood Butt
So fast... like lightning
Spinning kick attack
This attack effect is great
Fight on ring
Second player joins
Nice forest

Dreamcast version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Character select screen.
After choosing your character, you must select your T.O.P. set.
Here is a brief location of your foe to fight, for example: Here is the Live House, where lives Rock Howard.
Hotaru Futaba attacks Rock Howard.
Hotaru finishes Rock with her special move.
Hotaru launches Rock with a kick and make him enter to T.O.P mode.
After defeating Rock, Hotaru celebrates with Itokatsu the ferret.
Hotaru Futaba wins.

Neo Geo version

The title screen
Khusnood releasing a fire ball
A spectacular finishing move by Kim Dong Hwan
Kim Dong Hwan versus Gato
Gato throwing Kim Dong Hwan to the ground
Gato versus Kevin
As many other arenas in this game Gato's arena changes as the battle goes on
Hotaru Futaba lands a good kick
A beautiful sunset
Pigeons flying around add to the atmosphere
B. Jenet finishing of Rock Howard
B. Jenet versus Hokutomaru
Hokutomaru releasing his Kyuukyoku Ougi
Kim Jae Hoon sets Hokutomaru on fire
18 hit combo, ouch
Kim and Rock battling it out
More fancy footwork by Kim
Rock Howard about to release his shine knuckle
Rock hits Freeman with a rage run
A well timed raging storm can deal a lot of damage
Freeman wins
Freeman versus Terry Bogard
Terry's arena is an impressive one with plenty of moving obejcts in the background
A well timed elbow
Hotaru landing a hit
Terry charging up a buster wolf
Terry Bogard taking on Grant
A clash of titans

Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Character select.
A.I. dummy options in practice mode.
Practice mode keeps track of damage dealt.
Visual options. "Normal" focus.
Smoothing filter for "soft" focus.
Match start.
In survival mode, attack enemies and catch the powerups they drop.
Impressive combo sets him aflame.
Fireballs and magic attacks exist.
Bell tower level.
Fighting in the market.
Brawling on the strip.
Time your block perfectly for a "just defense."
Cutscenes appear throughout story mode.
Taking it to the ring.
Hitting ladies - even they're pirates - isn't nice.
Celebration animation.
Victory taunts from the winner.

Official Screenshots

  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshot
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  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshot
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  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshot
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  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshot
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  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves Screenshot
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