Gatitos: The Paws of Fate Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Game Creators
Description of Cabbages and Kings
Description of Kittens & Cacti
Game Introduction
Drake & Melt
Drake is falling off the roof
On the damaged town square at night
Helping the clerk of Yahtzeebrand store
Kittens are surrounding the survivors
Finding the hideout in Davy Jones` house
On the second floor
Encountering a kitten in the bathroom
Visiting Davy Jones
What are crisps?
Ladder to the roof
Talking to Biggs in the kitchen
Examining the inventory
Finding the inventor Elandra
Attempt to use the catapult was prevented by policemen
Loosing the crisps
Bad landing
Mayor zombie Michael Gower is still talking with obsessed omni-kitten
Melt is here with a shotgun
Drake is shot
Melt is upset