Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover:
    GATO puts you in the control room of a World War II combat submarine simulated with hi-res graphics quality and a variety of realistic operations and strategies that will provide many hours of challenging entertainment pleasure.

    The positions, courses, and maneuvers of the sub and all ships are continuously calculated and displayed in real-time simulation as they pursue their strategic and tactical objectives in the patrol area. Three-dimensional object perspective in the conning tower and periscope screens, and offensive/evasive ship movement make every battle challenging.

    Each mission begins with a coded radio message assigning your objective. Then you are on your own somewhere in your patrol area in the South Pacific!

    Your mission score is automatically entered in the Captain's Log, and can be saved for future games. It all goes into your efficiency rating in your record at COMSUBPAC - Commander Submarine Force Pacific Fleet - if you return from your mission...

    Contributed by Raphael (1261) on Aug 19, 1999.