Gauntlet III: The Final Quest Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Start menu
Character selection - Questor
Character selection - Petras
Character selection - Neptune
Treasure and ghosts
Game tip
Scene exit
Elf shooting arrows
High-scores table

Atari ST version

Title screen
Character selection screen
The starting location
Food ahead
A good advice
Nothing more to do here, lets head to the next area
Ghosts on the graveyard
Outside the church
Inside the church
Ok, now I know what to do next

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Character Selection
Valkyrie and Neptune in action
The Elf cleaning some dungeon
Wooohhaa, some kind of puzzle? :)
Another dungoen, or is that the church? :)
On to the next stage.....the grasslands?
quite a lot of graphical variation

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
The default is a 1 player game. I went straight to 'Define keys'
Choose controls for player 1
Action key definition
Each of the icons round the outside represents a character. The space bar moves me round the screen. Enter selects the character as the one I get to play
Game start. Player 2 is disabled.
Every time I kill a ghost, more pop out of the box. I did this for a while because the ghosts stayed nicely penned up and waited to be shot. There does not seem to be a limit to the ghosts, just my pa
There's ghost boxes everywhere
Aha! A doorway
Another part of the game. I could not walk down the ladder in front of me - I think they are only for climbing up
There's more ghosts just waiting round the corner