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Press Release (Dreamcast - June 6, 2000):

    Midway Ships Gauntlet Legends
    The Dreamcast translation of Gauntlet Legends is on its way to retailers.

    Midway shipped Guantlet Legends for the Sega Dreamcast today. An arcade port, the game maintains the impressive graphics and action gameplay of the original version. The game can be played by up to four players simultaneously, as players fight their way through 3D worlds.

    "Gauntlet Legends' one-of-a-kind blend of RPG and action elements has made this a very successful and widely-embraced franchise both in the arcade and home arenas," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing for Midway Games. "This is the most advanced adaptation of the Gauntlet installment yet, and will please fans familiar with both the arcade and home game console versions."

    Gauntlet Legends will be available soon at all participating retailers.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76613) on Sep 21, 2010. – Nintendo 64:
    As many as four can band together in an epic quest through seven magical worlds -- three of which are brand-new to the home version -- to defeat the vile Skorne.

    The nonlinear action begins in a hub, which leads to the worlds, each with two to five levels. You can complete a level in one world, then move to another world, returning later to finish a new level in the first world.

    The all-new Town world includes this dramatic view of the "Airship." The two other new worlds are Ice and Battlefield Developer Atari Games has delivered four new characters in addition to the four in the arcade version. Each character will have unique special attacks. Controller Pak support will allow players to team their evolving characters.

    Enemies, bosses, power-ups, music and sound effects are all getting radical makeovers. Atari is busily remapping carryover levels and cooking up devious new puzzles and hiding places for items, so don't even think of cribbing from the coin-op version.

    Graphical updates include real-time lighting, which is nowhere to be found in the arcade version. The N64 Expansion Pak pushes plenty of polygon-based enemies onto the screen.

    The essential action -- team up with others, find keys, magic, runes and other items, and beat the stuffing out of anyone in your way -- remains unchanged from the arcade hit. Atari has delivered a far meatier storyline, though, spiffed up by cinema cut-scenes at the successful conclusion of a world.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65867) on Aug 16, 2005.
    The benevolent wizard, Sumner, weaves his magic to create the Gateways - mystical portals that lead to each of the Gauntlet realms. But Sumner's brother, Garm, seeks to overpower his brother's do-gooding and make himself Master of the Realm. When Garm stumbles upon the Rune Stones he now has the means to put his evil scheme to work.

    Garm uses his black magic to call forth the powerful demon lord, Skorne, who begins to wreak havoc in the mortal worlds of this magical realm. Can you overcome this evil tyrant? Enter the 4 worlds of the Gauntlet Legends and pit yourself against the evil hordes in over 20 challenging in-game quests. Call on your sorcery and strength, and remember: it is only out of conflict that legends are born!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66900) on Dec 08, 2004.