Gazza II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Language selection
Player or Manager
Manager input
Main menu
Manager options menu
Financial Report
Managers problem
Manager status report
Coach options menu
Player details
Scout options menu
Opening kick off
It's not a goal yet
Throw it in
Only one word
Full time score
Options menu
Creating new plans
Team lineups

Atari ST version

Title screen as it fades in
Language options
Playing or managing?
Manager input
Main menu
Managerial options
That shouldn't be
The situation with money
He's a bit useful then
Gazza agrees
Coaching options
Match start
Should be able to clear it here
Booked for dropping a ball-shaped boulder on an opponent, I think
A good day for Spurs
Managerial status
Gameplay options
On the run, with nobody challenging
Sometimes you can run the ball into the net

DOS version

Title screen